I ran, but couldn’t hide…

I’ve been kidding myself over the last two months about my visa bill.  Yep, as money aware as I am, and even as I upped the ante, I have to admit I was a door knob about my visa bill.

Here’s what happened:  in December, the kids and I had a little vacation, oh and this little event called Christmas.  My visa card was used.  Not overwhelmingly, but it was used.

In January, the nice people at Canada Post delivered my visa bill.  So far, this isn’t a very shocking confession is it?

The dog that bit me, named visa

Here’s how the delusion was born. In January I decided I was going to get serious about money management and debt retirement. Part of that meant I was not going to use my credit cards for day-to-day purchases, because I would use cash for my variable expenses.  However, I do make some purchases where it’s convenient to use a credit card, either for my employer (which are reimbursable expenditures), or perhaps at the pharmacy where I can walk away spending $300 or $400 in one trip.  Since my visa card gives me extra Aeroplan points for purchases at the pharmacy, I like to use it there.  The difference in January, I decided, was to go online and pay my visa bill immediately after I used it.

Really sensible, isn’t it?  I was very disciplined about this.  Anytime I used it, I paid it right away. When I made expenditures that were reimbursed by my employer, my reimbursement went straight to visa. No funny business.

Well, what happened is that I had paid enough to visa in January with my day-to-day use of the card to cover my December expenses.  Cool!  Visa was paid – or were they?

What I didn’t do was actually deal with December’s expenditures. I knew this day would come.

Old reliable, Canada Post, put my new visa bill in the mailbox yesterday.  Well, I owe them $1079!  How is this possible, if I paid visa for every single transaction?  Because I was a dufus and tried to ignore that December actually happened, and there was a bill attached to it.  Instead of dealing with it in January’s bill, I now have to deal with it in February’s, which is due March 8.

I’m such a dope sometimes. As a result of trying to just skate around this, I’ve totally sabotaged my March budget.  Since I always pay my visa bill in full, I have no choice.  I absolutely refuse to pay this with my line-of-credit.

Since I’ve vowed not to spend any more than I bring in, I have to go back to March’s budget and see what I can do to balance the books.  Between this, and the annual fee for my AMEX bill that I mentioned yesterday, I’m facing a serious shortfall.  This means I’m going to have to make some sacrifices in March.

Buh-bye dining out budget for March. Buh-bye any discretionary home decor items. Buh-bye any personal care items or hair cuts. I’m keeping the entertainment budget, but I’ll cut it from $40 to $20.  We can do a few movie rentals on that easily. Not sure how it’ll turn out. I’ll have to let you know.

I’m wondering – where else am I kidding myself. Hmmm…could be a dicey tax season. I can’t predict that right now, but I can continue to be prepared. Other than that, I think I’ve confessed all of my sins.  At least, the money sins…


2 responses to this post.

  1. I guess the ONE benefit I had with my maxed out credit cards – I always knew what the bill was going to be! It sucks when your budget doesn’t conform to your actual expenses. You feel like you are going backwards. Nothing you can do but keep plugging away.


  2. I hear you! I feel like such a dope.
    I’ve prepped a new March budget now. It isn’t pretty, but it balances!


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