March’s budget now balances…again

A few days ago, I told you what I dufus I was running from some VISA charges and forgetting to budget for an annual credit card fee. This had a big impact on my budget for March.

After a few days of re-prioritizing and recalculating, I think I’ve managed to balance the books and keep in a bit of fun. Here’s a few highlights of what’s shifted:

  • Home Depot sent me a cheque for a $175 credit I had on their credit card last week.  This was unexpected, so I plunked that amount to my VISA card.  Thank you Home Depot for the $175 reduction in expenses!
  • We’re not going to spend the entire $550 I budgeted for groceries in February. I’m projecting a $100 surplus by the weekend.  Therefore, I’ll only need to withdraw $450 for March’s grocery budget – up another $100
  • Toronto Hydro had overcharged me in November (by $300), so I paid it before I started ‘the conversation’ with them, to avoid being in hot water with them. They credited me back the money. I anticipate rather than owing them $200 in March as I’d expect, the remainder of my credit will be used and I’ll only owe about $50 – another $150 for the good guys!
  • I’ve eliminated the beer/wine budget – up $20
  • cut out planned expenditures for acquiring some new dishes – up $50
  • no haircuts or cosmetics for March – up $30
  • cut entertainment from $40 for the month to $20 – up $20
  • projected another $80 revenue from my part-time job for March, which is closer to what my actuals to February actually are

I’ll be paying a little less than planned toward my line-of-credit. We’ll be keeping our whopping $30 a month dining out budget, because we had such a good time in February just going out for burgers.

Finally, I’ve added an expense of $20 for books.  There’s a church having a massive book sale March 6, and I plan on attending.  No sense showing up without a book budget! I like to read, and when everybody has read the books they want, I usually try and sell them to BMV to keep the cash flow going.

Although I’m not done quadruple checking March’s budget part II, I’m reasonably confident in saying we now have $120 in the black, instead of the big red hole I saw coming last week.

If I didn’t have a budget showing me all the expenses and revenues, I wouldn’t have seen it coming, and wouldn’t have adjusted anything. That’s when more trouble happens, and I’m very pleased that it couldn’t defeat me this time.

Game on!


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  1. Wow! Nice work. Isn’t it amazing how once you take control of your finances MOST times it works out. Oh yeah, I check and my re-check budget numbers too – like 500 times!!!


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