I have coupon guilt…can I confess it here?

I’ve never been the best clipper of coupons. Sure, I’ve saved a few.  What I’ve rarely done is actually take them to the store and use them when I purchase a product!

credit to: weblogs.baltimoresun.com

I must be a marketer’s dream come true.  Pass the coupon under my nose, give me the reminder about your product, and I might buy it.  Brilliant – if I actually remembered the coupon.

Years ago I admitted I was no coupon contessa, so I just stopped saving them all together.

Lately, in my quest to put every red cent toward debt reduction, I’ve turned my eye to coupons once again.

This week, I actually managed to take two coupons and use them at the grocery store. Seems harmeless right? Except now, I have this guilt over the whole affair.

Off I went to the grocery store with my list, a coupon for cat litter, as well as a coupon for egg noodles. The cat litter was on sale, $5.99.  My coupon was for $1.00 off.  Cool deal.  The coupon I had for egg noodles was also for $1.00 off.

As I got up to the cashier and she rang through my cat litter and coupon, I noticed the coupon was showing as -$4.00 on her screen.  I’m looking at the screen with a puzzled look.  Just as I’m about to open my mouth to say something, the cashier yells over to the cashier next to her and says “can we take this coupon?” and the other cashier says “yeah, why not?”  My cashier looks at her screen, looks at me, and says “good for you!”

I’m thinking okay, we both see the same thing, we’ve acknowledged it’s not quite right in our indirect way, and we’re moving on.  Then she scans the egg noodles and the coupon. Instead of it registering for -$1.00 it shows up as -$2.00.  The egg noodles were only $1.99 to start with!

She looks at me and says “something’s funny with this coupon, it’s being double counted.”  I wait for some solution to this problem.  She then says “who cares” and carries on again.  For a moment I’m dumbfounded. Did I just get $6.00 off my groceries because I actually remembered to bring $2.00 worth of coupons?

I walked out with cat litter that was $1.99, and they paid me one cent to take away a bag of egg noodles to feed my family. I felt like that lady in the IKEA commercial where she runs from the store, yells at her hubby waiting to start the car. Except I don’t have a car, and I can’t yell at the bus. (I can, but it’s a worthless pursuit)

Thinking I’d perhaps gone blind, or mad, I came home and checked my receipt. Yep, I did get $6.00 off. This was a few days ago. I’ve been feeling guilty ever since.

The only saving grace I have in the scenario is my confidence that the cashier knew exactly what was going down, and was totally disinterested in having any different outcome. In this crime, I had an accomplice. No, I didn’t beg her to do the right thing.

Under a big magnet on the fridge is a stash of more coupons. I’m sure I’ll use many more of them. I just hope there isn’t as much guilt when I do.


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  1. That’s crazy! I’d like to hope I’d say something too but it is so tempting not to. At least the cashier took care of that dilemma for you. I’m not too crazy about coupons either. It is a lot of work and sometimes you can find a better deal if you don’t use a coupon, but I’m trying it as well.


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