Letter to my 10 year older self…

I was inspired by Stay at home Mom CFO‘s recent letter to herself, which was inspired by Ninja’s letter to himself, to be opened in ten years.

At my age, this was quite an introspective task. Will my kids have left home? Will they leave and come back? Will there be grandchildren? Will I be managing issues with aging parents? Will I still have parents? Will I be dealing with a role as executor of an estate? Will I still be single.  Wow, ten years can spell a lot of change.

In the most recent ten years I’ve been divorced, sold three houses, bought three houses, moved three times, lost one parent, both children were diagnosed with chronic diseases they’ll have for life, started a new relationship, ended it, changed jobs twice. Looking ahead, for me, is a bit daunting. I like the exercise though – here goes:

Hello future self. You’re 56. Are you thinking more about retirement. Have the girls moved out on their own? Likely. Did they come back home, I guess that’s the big question!

The girls have completed their post-secondary studies. Aren’t you so proud of them? They’re smart ladies. Hope you get to see them as often as seems reasonable. Are there significant others in their lives? Grandchildren? Wow, it doesn’t take long does it, for the cycle to begin again. I hope you’re enjoying every moment and being supportive. Hope they’re healthy and happy.

How’s work going? Are you still working hard? Ten years ago you were hopeful that you wouldn’t be working quite so hard. But you’ve still got a mortgage to pay (I presume), although you’ve made some serious headway against it by now. What’s that property worth now? In 2010 it was worth about $500,000. Isn’t that ridiculous?

You’ve been dreaming about that big renovation when you turn 60. I trust you have a nest-egg set aside for that by now. Are you starting to draw up the plans? The garden must look spectacular by now. After all, the renovation was all about having great garden views. You’ve had 10 years to make that view magnificent.

How was Florence? I really hope you’ve managed to get there and stay for a few weeks and soak up the culture there.  Did you take the girls? Did you take a friend? Are you going back?

Speaking of friends, how’s your circle of friends in Toronto now? Ten years ago you were single (again) and without a circle of close friends to draw upon, at least, in Toronto. Sure, you had lovely neighbors and some great colleagues and former colleagues. Hope you’ve branched out a bit and found some great new pals.

How’s the love life? If there is one, I really hope it’s good for you. If there isn’t a love life, are you okay with that?

Have you mastered your budget by now? Are you still tracking everything religiously, or have you arrived at a system where you know that you’re not spending more than you earn and you’re managing to put the right amounts into the right pockets? I presume you’ve mastered managing your investments. You’ve got a little more disposable income and I hope you’re having fun with it.

Are you taking care of your parents? I can’t imagine what may have happened in the last ten years, but no doubt there would be lots of significant change. <hugs> Hope you’re being good to your Mother. She really loves you. If she’s starting to show signs of dementia, support her. She’s been there for you and for her Mother.

Hope you’re being creative again. Whether it’s drawing, painting, photography or just rearranging plants in the dirt, don’t let your need to be creative be put on the back burner. You should have the time to be active at creating beauty.

Remember all those times you thought you’d go to hell in a fiscal hand-basket? You still thinking that way? I hope not. I hope the path you’ve travelled so far means that you can relax and have a bit more fun. Enjoy it. Share the fun with those you love.


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