House Insurance: I lost the negotiations

A couple weeks ago, my home insurance company sent my renewal notice for the next six months of coverage. For those of you who read my rant then, you may recall they were asking for a whopping 35% more than they did six months ago.

I vowed to shop around. (I have “My Mamma told me” in my head now). Since that time I’ve chatted with two other insurance companies, and they’ve both weighed in.

To my absolute shock, I’m already getting the best deal. The next best quote was another $20 a year.

Honestly, a 35% increase? Cripes. Just when you think you have a handle on a month, somebody throws a monkey wrench into it. Isn’t it just always the way?

No wonder a budget has to be fluid. If I didn’t have debt, I’d have room to dart and dodge these things. But alas – I do have debt, and it seems very little room with the fancy footwork.

I’ve sent the renewal notice back to my original insurance company, complete with my cheque for the full payment. With a heavy sigh I walked it to the post box and sent it off. That’s what I get for living in a neighbourhood where the real estate value is going up. You can’t have it both ways, an increased house value and a flat-lined home insurance policy. The world just doesn’t work that way!

With Easter still on my mind, I will just count my blessings. I have a home. I have a home that’s increasing in value. I live in a neighbourhood that has a reputation for some crazy wind storms and big, old trees fall on cars and sheds and homes. I live in a home that allows me to live a normal life without a car. I live in a reasonably safe city. I will accept that it will cost me about $1100 a year to insure this nice home. Small price to pay for peace of mind. I’ve spent $1100 on things that have given me nothing in return, so I’ll stop complaining, adjust the budget and move on!


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