Give Peace a Chance…

Last night, as I was preparing my month end stuff and planning ahead for May, I was amazed at how peaceful I felt. Dare I say I was even happy doing it.

Once upon a time when I did these tasks, I’d get anxious and my heart would race. Normally I walked away from my computer hoping somebody would throw me a life ring. I felt hopeless.

Now, I have a way bigger mortgage, responsibility for my two daughters and I don’t dread preparing for a new month, or reviewing the month that’s passed. It is so peaceful having a solid plan, sticking to it, and seeing results. Want to give yourself a mental break – be good to your financial self.

Sure, it’s only 30% of the way through the year. In that time, I’ve managed to knock off 34% of my line of credit. The great thing is, I totally see the way the other 66% will get paid off.

This is the year of working hard. Both in my jobs, and at home. I’ve put up my hand for extra shifts for my part-time gig, and that helps a lot. Some weekends it means I get up at 5 a.m. in order to get there. Why do it? Because it helps me achieve my goal. Is it a drag? No, it’s a pleasure. The harder I work now, the more choice I’ll have in the future to lie in bed in the morning.

As April draws to a close, and I see that I still have debt, and I spent more than I earned this month, I know I didn’t make one stupid decision. I’m thankful for the plan, thankful for my family, and really thankful that excel shows me the long-range results when I stay the course.

Now the challenge will be, what kind of a mark will I give myself on my month end report card?


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