Dishwasher Lake, at a kitchen near me!

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Over the last week or so, I’ve wondered who kept spilling water on the kitchen floor.

Like any good Mother, I blamed the kids and the cats. Turns out, it was the dishwasher.  With every rinse cycle, a small lake would pour out of the left hand side and puddle on the floor. Charming.

I get antsy when stuff like this happens.  The root cause of my anxiety is primarily that I don’t understand how these things work. When I don’t understand how they work, I know I can’t fix them myself. If I can’t fix ’em I have to call somebody.

Will somebody sell me a bill of goods and make me pay for it too?

I think women in particular get anxious over this sort of thing. Car repair being a classic example.

My dishwasher is a bottom-of-the-line Inglis. It does the job okay, but sometimes it sounds like there’s a jet trying to take off inside the thing. It isn’t the quietest model on the market. After I realized it was the dishwasher creating problems, I decided to roll up some old towels and keep them on the floor. This was okay for a couple of days, then I couldn’t stand it any more. Its not the kind of decor I normally go for.

The next day I figured “we’ll just wash the dishes. We have a sink and dish soap and lovely tea towels, why not use them more often?” Yeah. Right. Lovely idea in theory. In practice it was no different than the towels on the floor. I couldn’t stand it.

Then I found Mo. Mo came over and fixed the thing for $95.00. I didn’t think anybody would come to your house in Toronto and fix anything for under $300. Mo is a nice fellow, and didn’t look disgusted when he dug some heaven-knows-what-goop out of various parts of it. Apparently, he’s seen this kind of goop before.

Where’s the $95 going to come from in an already lean month? I’m not sure yet. I’m tempted to use some of the emergency fund I’ve started to build, but I have to be honest – this was not an emergency. This would have come out of that home-repair fund that I should also be tucking away, which I’m not. Thankfully, I got off cheap this time. That advice to maintain a home maintenance fund is a good one. If I had one, I wouldn’t be wondering which budget line I’m going to scoop $95 from, or what household possession I can part with in order to bridge the budget gap. The emergency fund will stand untouched with it’s whopping $300 balance thus far.

The home repair fund will have to wait until 2011 to be created. All my appliances are three years old, so they shouldn’t pose too much of an issue over the short term.  The roof was replaced last year. I do need new windows upstairs.

For now, my fingers are crossed that Dishwasher Lake has truly dried up, and I won’t need to see Mo on a professional basis anytime soon. I have kept his number though, since he fixes just about every kind of appliance I have around here.

By the way, I did ask Mo what kind of dishwasher he thought was the best. He said “the kind you have – not fancy, no fancy panels, just dials”. He told me the high-end models cost way more to repair, take longer to repair (parts availability can be a problem and then increased labour costs) and they don’t necessarily outlast a cheap model that’s well maintained.

Suddenly, I’m proud to have a crappy dishwasher!


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