Good Karma

Over this last week, I have a distinct feeling that the girls and I have been surrounded by good karma. I have no idea if it’s karma, good fortune, blessings, whatever – just some sweet little things have been happening for us.

Recently, I was blogging about how “Just Say No Just Got Easier”. I mentioned how I was admiring a little shallow planter at my local thrift store, and even though it was dirt cheap (pun intended), I didn’t pick it up because I really only wanted it. I didn’t need it.  A few days later, a very similar shallow planter appeared on the curb, with a little sign saying “free” beside it. It’s now on the porch.

When the weather turns nice, I start thinking that my floppy sun hat collection needs boosting. Yesterday I saw one, again at a thrift store, for $1.99. I didn’t buy it for the same reason I didn’t buy the shallow planter. It was cute and cheap, but wouldn’t change my life. On the same day, I picked up a nicer one offered up on the fence post of a neighbor.

The girls and I attended an 80th family birthday party out of town yesterday. (It was wonderful!) As I was walking home from returning the rental car, a pair of jeans neatly folded and pressed were perched on a chair outside of another home. I looked inside the waistband – size 8P.  That’s exactly my size! How would the curb alert fairies know to put out petite for those of us who are vertically challenged? Naturally, I brought these home too. I’ve tried them on and they’re really a bit too small, but they give me the encouragement to get rid of that six pounds I’d like to shed and see how they fit then. They’ll hang on the back of my bedroom door as “goal pants”.

Finally, when out for an after dinner walk with my eldest, we found a small wooden bookcase. I’ve been hunting Craigslist for a small bookcase for about six months. I find them made of melamine, but never wood. When I see them made of wood, they’re out of my price range. I knocked on the door of the house it was in front of and verified that it was intended for somebody to take it away. While my daughter and I couldn’t have been much farther from our home, we laid it sideways like a Christmas tree and carted the thing home. At times we felt a bit silly – but we were a happy kind of silly!

Within a matter of days, it seems that all of these things just kind of fell into our laps. Are they little rewards for good budgeting behavior? I haven’t been perfect, but I have been very good. Now that yard sale season is upon us, I suspect that the curb alerts will likely increase with the daily temperature.

This morning I just want to say thanks for the planter, the sun hat, the goal jeans and the bookcase. We really love them!


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