Good days ahead

I’m late posting today – sorry ’bout that!

These seem to be the dog days, or in my house, the cat days of summer. The sun has been out all week. Why does everything seem a little bit better when the sun is shining?

This is Zoe, by the way. She likes to hide out in the Tiger Lillies to stay cool. Then she brings her dirty, furry self in and lays on the sofa. Oh well, I’m not perfect either.

As the week winds up, I’m feeling pretty damned lucky.

Yesterday, I was moaning about not having my Notice of Assessment from the CRA yet, and having only one tenant potential for my rental property.

By end of day yesterday, the CRA had advised me they were in the final stages of reviewing my tax return, and I’d have the Assessment by late next week. The nice people at the CIBC are really happy to hear that.

I also got a phone call from another potential tenant, one who reportedly wants to stay put for a while. I’ll be showing them the property on Sunday.

A few of you have weighed in with your thoughts about my friend Jane (not her real name). Thanks for taking the time to shoot me your thoughts. She’s really on my mind, as you can tell. You’ve helped me confirm what I know, but have second guessed. I can be helpful by providing the knowledge and skills I have, but it’s up to her to do whatever she decides is the best course of action.

With four days left in May, and zero dollars in the grocery envelope, we’ll be raiding the freezer and the fridge this weekend. The girls actually think it’s fun when we run out of grocery money and then we have to get creative. Never once has one of them panicked and thought we’d starve to death. We won’t, of course. Keeping the grocery money in an envelope is a sure fire way to stay on budget. (I prefer an envelope over a jar, it’s a little more stealth in the cupboard, takes up less room too)

There is $20 bucks in the entertainment envelope, so if we have a crisis, I’m sure that’ll cover it.

It’s Doors Open weekend in Toronto, so there’s entirely no need to spend money on entertainment at all, There’s tons of stuff to do for free.

Next week I’ll be spending a lot of time at the rental, and getting it prepped for new tenants. It might be a bit quieter ’round here than usual. I’ll be sure to check in with a month-end report for May (although it’s a bit grim).

Thanks to all of you for being a part of my daily journey here. You’ve become an important part of my day, and I really appreciate reading about your journeys, thoughts and advice.

These are the good ol’ days, aren’t they? Aren’t we the luckiest?


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  1. I change the pic on my desktop background every single day – it’s a wierd habit I got into a couple years ago and it just stuck. Anyway, please tell Zoe that she is my new background 🙂


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