End of a loooong week

This week has been about physical labour, and money. Money spent and potential earnings.

As many of you know, I have a little townhouse in Barrie that I purchased five years ago as a rental property. The most recent tenants are now out, and I’m in the “between tenants” phase of cleaning, freshening up, repairing and preparing for new tenants.

Next week, I think I’ll write about my experiences as a landlord, and my motivation for becoming one, and remaining one. Here’s a spoiler though – there’s no short term windfall in my strategy, only long term.

Over the last few days, I have painted the living room, kitchen, dining room, powder room, ensuite bathroom, two hallways and a front door. Cleaned light fixtures, vent covers, a fridge and a stove. I’ve tried but failed to unclog a sink. I’ve washed – oh man I’ve washed stuff. Cut the lawn and taken out the garbage. My work email says there’s 149 things in my inbox that need attention.

Today my body aches, but I’m feeling good about the way the place looks. I’ve ordered new flooring for the main floor, because the carpet is, frankly, gross. New tenants will arrive July 1.

I’ll return my focus to my real job today, and get the family prepped for the month of June. The money in the envelopes is gone (from May) and I need to get us organized for the month ahead.

Next week I’ll also weigh in with an end of May financial report card.

Thanks for being patient while I was away investing some time and money in my rental property. Once the new floor goes in, I’ll share some pictures too! Hope it will look as good as I think it will.

While I was away, the roses bloomed in the back yard, and the rest of the peonies also bloomed. The rain also came down in torrents, and some of the peonies have broken stems already. I’ll bring those in the house to enjoy for a few days, until the ants drive me crazy.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be catching up and resting up.


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