Should have got a pre-nup with Rogers!

A number of weeks ago, in an effort to continue to whittle down my expenses, I gave the nice folks at Rogers a call. Every communication service you can think of I have with Rogers.

They were kind and offered me a 10% discount across the board (with one exception) on my services. That was nice of them, don’t you think? All I did was pick up the phone, and they cut my expenses. Wow. Wish I could do that with my mortgage!

The only catch in this arrangement was I had to agree to maintain my services for another three years.

After pondering for a moment, I agreed. I’m not going to switch to Bell Canada.  We parted ways about four years ago after being together for twenty-odd years, and they didn’t really value my business it seemed. So I left. I don’t have a super-deluxe cable package, but I don’t have basic cable either. “What’s the harm?”  I thought to myself. I’m not moving. I’ll still need a phone and the internet. Giving up cable tv with the girls at home would be a hostile act. Hey, I like my HGTV too.

Fast forward to yesterday. Rogers sends a polite flyer in the mail reminding me of the wonderful services I have. How great their HD service is (I don’t have an HD TV). How provocative the programming! As I was eating my lunch, I wondered what the purpose of this flyer was. It wasn’t just unaddressed mail, it had my name on it. Eventually, I turned it over. Ah, here’s the message!

Apparently, Rogers, the mega communications company who pays their executives hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses, has taken on extra costs for programming. Specifically, they note their “costs went up 10% more than last year – one of the largest increases ever.”  They go on to say they will “absorb” most of those costs, and some packages will “only increase by 5%.”

Of course, my package is on the list to increase by 5%. Last month it went down by 10%. This month they took away 5%. Oh, and they have me locked into whatever rate they want to charge for 2 years and 11 months?

You can bet I’ll be giving them a call today. I’m not very sympathetic to a big corporation whining about their 10% increase for cable service. My house insurance is up 20%, my medical expenses have almost doubled. Groceries are more expensive. I pay more to turn my lights on and do business at home during peak hours. Thank goodness I don’t drive so I don’t have to pay the new car licensing tax imposed by the City of Toronto.

Why not even try and pull the wool over my eyes and give me a little more than a month after they talked me into a three year marriage? Should have demanded a pre-nup!


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