Optimum Card?

Just a heads up for those of you who may have an Optimum Card from Shoppers Drug Mart. Their redemption schedule will change July 1. As if the HST wasn’t bad enough?  🙂

So, if you’re sitting on a bundle of points, and you’ve been wondering what to spend them on, you may want to check out the new structure here.  The upside of spending a good bit of coin on some medical supplies is I have an opportunity to collect these points pretty quickly. In the current plan, 75,000 points will get you $150 of free stuff (before taxes). In the new plan, you’ll get $170 for 95,000 points.

Lots of people have a lot to say about these points, good and bad. From my perspective, I’m going to spend money on medical supplies anyway, so if the pharmacy wants to give me some bonus for my expenditures, I’m cool with that. Even thankful.

I was sitting on a lot of points. I have already redeemed some. I’m sending the girls to the drug store this week to share the remaining $75.00 of benefit I have on my optimum card.  We haven’t purchased much in the way of face creams, acne scrubs, etc. This way, they can go have a little spree at SDM with a bit of free money.

Do you have an Optimum Card? If so, do you think it’s better to redeem some points before the plan changes?


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  1. I have a card, but I don’t even think I at the first level yet. I worked in another drug store as a pharmacy tech up until last year, so I didn’t buy from SDM a lot. I love the store, but I find them terribly overpriced on some things. I shop there more now that I am not working as a tech at another store.


    • Oh you’re right, you can often find stuff cheaper almost anywhere other than SDM. However, my previous pharmacy was charging me $10 every time I brought them my daughter’s very small sharps container. That was my emptying fee. I figured for the amount of coin I dropped there every month, they could give me a sharps container!

      After a bit of research online, I found that most pharmacies would just hand one over for free, to their clients. My previous pharmacy also didn’t stock some of the drugs that my youngest daughter needed, and they were often delayed in delivering them. When I walked up to Shopper’s Drug Mart, they promised me free (and huge) sharps containers, and they regularly stock the other meds that are routine ’round here.

      Strangely enough, milk is cheaper at SDM than even the discount grocery stores in my neighbourhood, at $3.99 for the 4 litre bag. So, I walk there for milk ALL the time. Sometimes, they’ll have a sale on something, and I’ll stock up. When they have their 20X promotions on, all I need to do is buy two boxes of needles (which are not prescription, so they qualify) and I get the bonus points. Those are priced reasonably similar to other pharmacies. Usually, I find they’ve given me $75 or $100 once a year. I’ll take it!


  2. Posted by Melaniesd on June 23, 2010 at 11:13 am

    I earn a lot of Optimum points buying groceries and househol supplies on sale at SDM.
    I think of the points as a bonus for us. We typically earn $50/year worth of points. We would earn more if we paid for our perscriptions up front, but we co-pay.


    • Hi Melaniesd, glad you’re getting some found money. Don’t fret about prescriptions, they’re not eligible for optimum points anyway! I get points on some medical supplies that are available without prescription (needles, lancets, test strips) for my daughter who is diabetic.


  3. We just got our weekend flyers and Shoppers is offering $25 free if you cash/spend 40 000 optimum points. I should go there and take advantage of both that offer and the current points value before it changes wed.


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