Word of the week: whirlwinded!

I’m really looking forward to a bit of downtime this weekend.  Wednesday was a crazy day around here, with a wee earthquake, then a tornado touching down in Midland, then more tornado warnings later into Wednesday evening for southern Ontario. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just a bit too old for so much excitement!

Yesterday I felt like I was hit by a truck. When I was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, I knew I got a bit too excited over Wednesday’s events. Things were fine until the 10:30 southern Ontario tornado warning, when a broadcaster announced “significant wind events” were “imminent” and reminded viewers of all the precautionary steps they should take immediately. As I collected kids and cats in the basement, I then realized the broadcaster didn’t remind me of everything we needed. I went back upstairs, got the insulin, the pills, a bunch of bananas, some juice. Then went back up again for the needles and more pills. Sitting on the couch watching the weather alerts for the next hour probably wasn’t the best idea.

Shortly after the girls got their sleeping bags out the warnings were called off. We all toddled off to bed.

When I reflect on June as a whole, it’s been a whirlwind month – or whirlwinded as I’ve now heard since Wednesday.

The mortgage on the rental had to be switched in June, which also means a penalty and cash back. The mortgage now appears in my online banking profile for CIBC, but it’s not live yet, and neither the penalty or cash back have appeared in my chequing account. Only three more business days to go for this thing to land and come to rest.

The rental was vacant, and needed a new tenant and a bit of work to get it ready for its close-up again. There is a new tenant ready to move in, I have first and last month’s rent in the bank, and a contractor is finishing up the stuff I couldn’t manage to do. Now, if Home Depot would only deliver the flooring I ordered on May 31! If they don’t deliver today, I’ll have to get cranky and make a decision. The house will have occupants soon, I’m sure they’d appreciate a floor. There’ll be a bill for the contractor, which will impact July.

In June I battled the urge to shop. Most times my sensible side won, but not every time.

This month I lost a shift at my part-time gig thanks to the G20, but now I’ve picked up two more in its place. Nice!

I’m excited to bring the cash flow spreadsheet up to date this weekend. I hope the CIBC finalizes their business today, it’ll make my job much easier. I’ll be even more excited to see what my picture looks like for the end of June. Wednesday will mark the official halfway point of the year, and hopefully halfway toward being debt free.

Six months has not felt like a long time to keep most of our variable expenses in envelopes. That, combined with a bunch of discipline (most days) has made a big difference to my day-to-day. Seems my body isn’t accustomed to worry anymore, that’s why I felt so rough yesterday after Mother Nature unleashed some whoop-winds. I haven’t worried about money the way I used to for months now. Sure, I’ve still got another six or seven months to be debt free, and then I have to work on my emergency fund, boosting my retirement savings, my home maintenance fund, etc. At least now I see the way. It’s just a long drive!

Happy Friday all.


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