Shopping Spree at Shoppers Drug Mart

The haul from SDM

Jolie at Shaking the Money Tree, along with the flyer delivery fella in my neighborhood made sure I knew about the Spend Your Points event at Shoppers Drug Mart this past weekend. I was going to spend them anyway, but Shoppers threw in an extra $25 if I used ’em up on Saturday or Sunday.

The girls were so excited! Each of them got to spend $50 (before taxes). Sunday morning after breakfast we got our little bundle buggy, my Optimum Card, a calculator and toddled up the street to our local Shoppers. Walking there the conversation was “I want to check out those new face washes” or “I need some new body wash” and general excitement about what they were going to buy.

Once we arrived, however, it was a different story entirely! The eldest started off the shopping with a bottle of face wash she uses regularly. In the bundle buggy it went, and I jotted down her subtotal. The youngest went up and down the aisles scouting out her options, and checking out what was and wasn’t on sale.

The eldest handed me another product, and I updated her subtotal. Moments later she said “here, switch that last thing with this one, it’s the same stuff and it’s way cheaper”. Such a good shopper.

After quite some time went by, the youngest hadn’t handed me anything for our cart yet. “How’s it going there sweetie?” I asked her. She gave me a puzzled look and said “this is harder than it looks!” She knew the $50 was a gift, and she wanted to get the best bang for her buck, and she wanted to make sure she got things that were good value/on sale so she could make her $50 go as far as possible.

The first thing she handed me were hair clips. Sadly, I had to say “don’t buy those”. We exchanged a look which let her know she’d be getting them for her birthday next week. Eventually she started loading in her treasures, and they both kept asking for an update on what they’d spent and how much they had left. Nearing the end, they both wanted me to get something, but I assured them this wasn’t my shopping spree, it was theirs.

As generous as that sounds, it was actually quite selfish on my part. They picked up deodorant and razors and a few other things that may otherwise end up in our personal care budget. In actuality, I was being kind to our future cash flow.

I was quite proud of them both during this little shopping spree. They both bought sensible, practical items. Okay, we also bought a couple of little treats too. What girl doesn’t need the odd Kit-Kat bar or box of smarties?

When we got to the cashier, she said “you don’t have $100, it’s only $96.27”. I told them I’d be right back, and I added in three loaves of bread, which I knew would push us to about $101.00. That did the trick, and the girls split the $14.21 that the cashier needed to cover the taxes. We ate the Kit-Kat on the way home.

By the time we got home, they were both pumped with their haul. It was like Hallowe’en! They took out all their stuff, and displayed it on the table like a prized bounty. They should be stocked for a little while on some stuff. We sure had fun spending our points.

Thanks Shoppers for the goodies. We appreciate ’em!


3 responses to this post.

  1. What an awesome shopping spree. I’m sure your girls enjoyed and appreciated it. I got the idea to spend my optimum points from Jolie too, and I spent my $25 on new makeup. It was a real treat!!!


  2. That’s a great post. I really need to educate my girls about finances (they’re 14). Inspiring.


  3. OOO I am so glad you posted pics. I took one too and will post it up tomorrow if I get a chance. It’s such fun to see what everyone selects for this. Thanks for the linklove and for sharing your pics.


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