Does hazy bring lazy?

We’re sizzling here in a bit of a heat wave.

Over the last week or so I’ve noticed I’m getting lazy about recording my expenditures. Is it the heat? Or am I just getting lazy because I’m six months in to this process?

On my kitchen counter is a small pile of papers. They’re receipts, notices to file, bills to pay. I just don’t pile paper. I deal with paper.

I hate little piles of paper! When I see a little pile of paper, I think I’m not in control. What’s in the pile that I’m not paying attention to or haven’t acknowledged?

It’s also been a particularly busy work week, with lots of different things going on with my full-time gig that has changed my routine. Add to that a number of days at the rental at the end of June, and papers associated with that. Finally, add on paperwork from the bank finalizing the mortgage switcheroo. Over the next day or so, I have to get these little pieces of paper in their place and my spreadsheet updated. Otherwise, I know what happens next…

…It’ll be December and I won’t be in the financial position I’ve envisioned for myself, and I’m going to be really ticked off. If I don’t get on top of it now, the little pile of paper will turn into something bigger. Something much bigger than just a taller pile.

I will not allow heat, change of routine or random life events to sabotage my efforts. Not only can I get out of debt, but I deserve to be out of debt. Since I’m convinced that I deserve it, and so do my children, that helps me to elevate my conviction about the whole process.

Next time I tell you about little piles of receipts and paper, it’ll be to let you know they’re filed and recorded.

Stay cool!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle on July 8, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Wow, can I ever empathize with this post today! I’ve got a pile of papers in my purse, in my daytimer, in my computer desk ‘inbox’, and it’s driving me crazy! Even with A/C inside the house, so too are the kids, the husband (we’re on vacation), the pets, the flurry of activity inside that rattles my normally organized brain…and the haze outside has definitely sucked every bit of life out of me.
    I’ll get things cleaned up on Saturday though, when everyone else is sleeping and I have time to go through the purse, daytimer, and computer desk. And hopefully get back on track with recording expenses. I’ve let it slip for 2 weeks now, and I think I’ll be borrowing from my emergency fund yet again to ensure I don’t go into overdraft this month. Unplanned vacation expenses (ie. it’s too stupid-hot to cook, so we’re ordering in, the dog needs a decent sized crate so he can breathe, etc) were small at first, but added together are about $200 more than I had allowed in my budget. Ah well, at least I can track it somewhat and have a plan in place to correct it right?
    Have a great day and stay out of the hazy laziness middle!


    • Hey Michelle, glad to hear that humidity loves company!

      On the weekend, I made this huge bean salad with Quinoa. It’s been our lifesaver all week! We’ve had it as a meal (lunches) and as a side-dish for dinners. My eldest is a Type 1 diabetic, so I have to ensure at least she has a reasonable carbohydrate with our meals, otherwise I suspect I’d be lobbying to live on cucumbers and lettuce.

      Tonight for dinner I’m picking up one of those rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. While this is a pricier way to buy chicken, I plan on getting three meals out of it, and it means I won’t be turning the oven on.

      Have you got a BBQ? I know it’s stinky outside, but it may save you from eating out or ordering in and save you a few bucks as we ride this thing out!


      • Posted by Michelle on July 11, 2010 at 9:45 am

        Quinoa salad, great idea! Some lime juice to spice it up a bit and maybe my kids will eat it as well.
        No worries, I quickly pulled it together after reviewing the budget, so I’m back on track with healthy, home-cooked meals again now. Yes, we BBQ quite often, it was just a matter of getting over the ‘lazy attack’ that seemed to hit both DH and I last week. All’s right in the world of Michelle again now though!

        Hope you enjoy the weekend and don’t get too hazed out with the heat coming again this week…I was as excited about Summer finally arriving as the next guy, but this stifling humidity I can definitely do without. Ah well, still waaaayyy better than the alternative I suppose.

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