Monday, Monday…

There are three different planets circling my psyche today. I’m hopeful they’ll align to make it a great, productive day.

Planet Paper: The paper chase is still on at my house. I have not organized, filed, recorded those little piles of paper that I was moaning about late last week. On the weekend I worked two morning shifts for my part-time gig, and both afternoons I had a dinner party. There’s the weekend, gone!  Saturday evening we had a family celebration for my youngest’s birthday. Sunday I had a gentleman friend over for dinner. Between work, groceries and preparation, there was no time for paper chasing.

Now it’s really a nuisance.

Planet Remembrance: This is the one year anniversary of the passing of my father. He had leukemia, and was more than ready to “go home” as he put it. I’m happy that he isn’t suffering. No doubt he’ll be on my mind today.

Planet Romance: This gentleman I had for dinner last night is a cool fellow. This isn’t somebody I’ve only recently been introduced to, it’s somebody I’ve known for a number of years, and always liked. I like his professionalism, like his love of family, and love his sense of humour. We had a nice evening together on a sultry summer night. I’ve now accepted that I’m not ready to date, and I suspect I won’t be for quite some time. I’m absolutely fine with this, but it means I shouldn’t invite any more gentlemen for dinner.

Strangely, I have the house to myself today. Imagine! Not sure what it means to be alone with these three planets orbiting today.

Perhaps Planet Paper is telling me it’s important to be on top of my finances and responsible with money, but it’s okay not to be fanatical about it, that I could find some balance. Planet Remembrance is just raising some fond memories and reminding me to give my step-mother a call today and connect with her. Planet Romance is reminding me that I’m in charge, and that despite any societal pressures to behave in a certain way or do certain things, we all have to be true to ourselves, listen to our gut and trust our spidey senses.

All simple concepts that I could totally improve upon: balance, stay connected with family, trust my gut.

What planets are circling your orbits today?


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