Can we make $50 last 11 days?

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Ever since I started plunking money into an envelope for our grocery spending, I’ve worried that we’ll get to the end of the money before we get to the end of the month.

Actually, this happened, once. We survived a couple days with no money in the grocery envelope. Nobody starved. There was lots to eat in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.

This month, I likely have the least amount of money left for the most amount of month, with only $50 to last us until the end of July. Weirdly, I’m not worried about it this time!

Why this sudden sense of calm? I give all the credit to the meal plan I prepared near the beginning of July. This is a habit I fell out of, and picked it up again this month.

Rather than panic at what looks like a small sum, I can look at my meal plan on the fridge, which takes us until July 25th, and be confident that I already have most of the ingredients that are required for each meal. Sure, I’ll have to pick up the odd fresh head of lettuce or red pepper, but that’s pretty cheap these days.

While there are still six meals to prepare after this current meal plan runs its course, I’m the one who will craft the next one, so you can bet I’ll create a plan that helps me take advantage of the groceries on hand.

There is another factor which may give me a sense of calm about our grocery budget this month. For one week each, both daughters are visiting their father. One less mouth to feed for a total of two weeks. That too adds up to something.

Still, the meal planning is a great relief for the stresses over meal preparation, and now I’m thinking it’s a great budgeting tool too!


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  1. I have no doubts you will be successful. That menu plan can be a godsend and sure eliminates the ‘hmmmm what should we have’. My younger son is gone to camp this week so cooking for one less is very different.


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