Feeling the love!

The two kitties, still with their Momma

Wow, you are all so amazing. Thank you for your positive remarks on a post that I was sure would draw some criticism yesterday.

I did toil over the decisions I made about driving lessons, drama camp and kitties. It may appear as if I made a snap decisions, but all three have been on my mind for a while. Regarding the kitties, Jolie commented that “pets can really add a lot of joy to life.” This is true. We get so much enjoyment and pleasure from Daisy and Zoe now, we’re just overjoyed with the prospect of adding to that when Moo and Nameless come home next month some time. Despite the enormity of what seems to be our regular monthly expenses, we don’t spend a lot of money on adding to the richness of our lives. Our entertainment budget has been $40/month since January. Pretty slim pickings. I’ve noticed that even Gail Vaz-Oxlade puts couples/families who are in worse fiscal shape than I am on a minimum of $100/month. I could learn a few more lessons from Gail, I think.

No, I don’t think two kittens are entertainment. I take being a pet owner very seriously. I know the responsibility.

Makky’s Mom remarked “life is meant to be lived”. We’ve led a pretty dull life this year so far. Not deprived in any way, but it’s been lean.

As I review the extra expenses to come, I’m happy that none of it is on stuff. The expenses are around being richer in our lives, about adding love (even if it’s furry love), adding to the girls education or experiences to help position them for a better future. Sure, I’ve struggled with wanting stuff over these past months, and I expect I still will in the future. The difference is I don’t give in to the wants like I used to. The girls are getting quite disciplined too.

On the weekend the youngest and I had to go to the local mall to pick up a mattress pad at Zellers. This was a need, not a want.  Lucky for us, they were 50% off. At any rate, while in the mall we stopped into Winners. Perhaps not the brightest move, but there we were. Both of us tried on clothing. Two dresses I tried were magnificent. Even felt like a brunette Marilyn Monroe in one. I had no internal argument with myself to bring either dress home. Recalling the turmoil I had over a much costlier dress at Banana Republic earlier in the summer, I’d call this progress. The youngest also found a top she was mad about. Without me mentioning anything she said “I love this top, it looks awesome on, but I really want two kitties more.” She gets that we can’t have it all. We can have what we want, as long as we plan for it and make the right choices. We left Winners empty handed, and had fun trying stuff on.

My struggle is the line between being responsible/accountable for racking up consumer debt that showed a balance of -$13,579.29 on January 1 of this year, and understanding how precious life is, having lived through about six years of significant stresses and family illnesses. This past year the girls have been healthy, I’ve felt almost stress free, except for a bit of worry over money. The balance is to find the sweet spot where we live a little and have some fun, but continue to be responsible for our financial affairs.

I’m rock solid sure I won’t have any consumer debt at some point in the near future. I see that happening because I have a plan and I’m working that plan. Once that’s gone, I’ll still have a big, fat mortgage debt. I’ve accepted that reality.

You’ve reminded me the importance of the balance. That’s what I’m thankful for. It’s okay to live a little, as long as it’s responsibly. Wish I could send you out a big hug. I really mean that. It’s generous of you to listen to the thoughts in my head and weigh in.  Still, I hope you’ll bring the heat when you think it’s necessary. That’s feeling the love too.


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