I’m paying less for heat! Woo hoo!

Just like they do every month, yesterday the postal carrier dropped the bill for Enbridge Gas in the mail. (These are the nice people who make it so we can heat our home, heat our water, etc).

There was a pleasant surprise when I opened it.  How cool to have a good surprise in a year of increased house insurance rates, increased cable bills, increased interest rates, etc.

Seems I’ll be paying about 24% less for heat in the 12 months to come than I did in the 12 months prior. I’m very excited about this!

Here’s how the scenario shook down:

A year ago, I bought out my ex-boyfriend from his financial interests in our home. He moved out. I took over the existing mortgage, and took out another mortgage loan to pay him out. Since this is in the books as a property “sale”, the utility companies just assume I’m a new resident. There’s no sense arguing with them about this, their computers don’t have a compromising logic model – there is either the existing customer or a new customer. Full stop. Since I suddenly became a new customer, they determined what they thought was the amount of heat I’d use over the course of a year, and billed me in equal 12 month increments.

Up until now, I’ve been paying 78.00 per month.

Normally, I’m not a fan of equal billing. Previously, I never opted into equal billing simply because I hate it if some big corporation is sitting on my money. I prefer to sit on my own money. A year ago, I was just nervous enough about my financial stability that equal billing provided me with some absolute knowledge about one expense line. I went for it.

Fast forward to yesterday. I opened my bill and Enbridge has given me a bill with the advice not to pay it. Why? There’s a 154.99 credit. What’s even better than that is they’ve used my last year’s usage and determined a new monthly equal billing rate for the next twelve months. The new rate is $59.43.

Still, with this credit, not only does that mean I don’t owe Enbridge any money in August, it also means that I’ll still have a credit by September, and only in October will I have to ante up $23.30 for heat. I get to go into the winter paying $59.43 a month for heat?  You can’t imagine my joy. Before you mention it, I totally get that the credit is my money. I overpaid them in the last 12 months. However, it still frees up budgeted money in the remainder of this year that I can use elsewhere.

Although small, the just over $200 financial boost from this will help boost my debt repayment for this calendar year. I have the added assurance that until August 2011, I know what my hydro bill will be.

This year I’ve grumbled when the cable rates went up, when my house insurance was increased and even when a loaf of bread went up in my discount grocery store. I’m gonna take this little bonus as good karma. Thanks Enbridge for making my day!


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s the best kind of bill to get. Congrats on your windfall!


  2. You’re right – it is your money and it was along… but it’s still a great feeling. Like finding $50 you left in an old coat pocket. Score!


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