A dream is a wish your heart makes…

The girls and I have been dreaming. We’re dreaming of going back to Walt Disney World in Florida.  We went about six years ago and had a great time.

Now we’re making plans to return in 2011 – when we’ve saved up enough money to go. Yep, this time we’ll do it right.

I’ve dusted off the draft 2011 budget, and I’m confident we can pull this off in 2011. Truthfully, I have no idea what the cost will be, but I’m hopeful $6K will get the job done, and do it up right.

We sent away for a free vacation planning DVD. We’ve only watched a little bit of it. Would love to find a travel agent in the city with a specialty for Walt Disney World so we can get some insider information too.

When we visited previously, we stayed in a hotel off the grounds. We had nice rooms, free shuttle to the park and free breakfast. It was a pretty good deal. This time I’m wondering if it’s worth the premium ticket price to stay in the park. With at least one kid who tires easily, there may be a value in being able to go back to our room midday, have a nap or a swim or anything to renew ourselves, and then head back out if we wish.

Late last night when I started watching the DVD, I got all choked up. They sure know how to turn it on don’t they? I seriously can’t wait to go back with the girls. Just the three of us. We’re buying silly mouse ear hats.

Each year Disney seems to offer last minute specials. I’m hopeful they keep that up in 2011. Airfare will be inexpensive, as I’ll have enough points to cover our three flights. We’ll have to pay the taxes and freight of course, which seems to add up to an extraordinary amount, but still a savings. We’ll have to pay somebody to look after the fur babies here in Toronto.

We can’t start saving. Not yet. We can start planning. It’s exciting to dream and know that a realistic financial plan can actually make it come true! It’s probably 15-17 months away, but I’m excited already. That must be a hint of the liberating feeling that being debt free brings.


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  1. Let me know when, I can get you in touch with my neices husband, he’s a Disney Specialist…


  2. Posted by Momofthree on July 30, 2010 at 8:42 am

    We too are planning a trip to Disney but not until 2012 or 2013. This will be our first big vacation paid for in cash too! There is a good series over at thehappyhousewife.com with all of her tips on getting the most out of your trip.


  3. Cool. I’ve been to Disney once but that was eons ago when I was only 23!
    I wouldn’t mind going again some day but not till the kids are older. I don’t like going to big crowded parks with young children… it scares me – I’m terrified of losing someone – I only have 2 eyes, but I have 3 kids! LOL! Someone’s always wandering off when my eyes are on the other two!


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