Birthday party on the cheap!

Don't they look like fairies in the yard?

Last weekend, my youngest had what was her third and final 17th birthday celebration. This one was with her friends.

Despite having three distinct occasions (one with just our little family, one with the extended family, and the final with friends), I was realizing how inexpensive it all was, especially this last one.

There was a total of 8 at this party. She really wanted to do a Murder Mystery game. Do you think we could find a Murder Mystery game? No way!  When we lived in Barrie, there was a toy/game store that stocked these types of games. They were pretty common at parties. A game is about $40 or more. When we hunted for one in Toronto, sales clerks tried to sell us Clue and other board games, which wasn’t what we were after.

After moaning a bit that we’d hunted around, and called stores to no avail, number one daughter’s boyfriend piped up and said “I have one of those games that I played at a party I had, I’ll loan it to you!”  Bonanza! There’s a $40 savings right away. These games are fun, but you can really only play them once.

With game in hand, the birthday girl sent out the invitations to everybody with their characters identity, so folks could dress the part.

A birthday party at 17 is such a different landscape than birthday parties for really young kids. They entertain themselves really.It’s a beautiful thing.

Before the Murder Mystery game began, they played a few games that we already had here in the house. They had a blast.

We had burgers and homemade greek salad for dinner. That was pretty inexpensive. I made the desserts, including a lemon pound cake as the official birthday cake, and these yummy raspberry dream cups. The dessert was probably the costliest part of the whole affair, although still cheaper than a store or bakery dessert.

After the game was all over, the sparklers were lit (thank you dollar store) and then a game of hide and seek broke out.  Hide and seek? Yep, and all the neighbours could hear their squeals of joy.

Sometimes, simpler is better. I’m glad they had fun. I’m also glad the budget is intact. There was $10 spent of party supplies ($8 on sparklers, $2 on streamers) and about another $18 on food.

Daughter saying “thanks Mom, I had such a good time, and I appreciate all you did to make it happen”; priceless.


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  1. Those raspberry cups look fantastic!! I have got to make some of those. I’m glad you found a murder mystery set. If I had known I could have emailed you one. I had one written for me a few years ago to use in my class. Looks like they had a fantastic time.


    • Jolie, they literally take 15 minutes to make, and a couple hours in the fridge. They taste a bit like mousse, and a bit like cheesecake. Some of the kids thought the consistency was a bit weird. Most loved them! (Great for diabetics, high in protein, low in carbohydrates).


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