Can’t stop thinking about an electric bike

Motorino xpn

Way back in April, I started going on to anybody who would listen about how I wanted an electric bike.

That hasn’t gone away. I still really want one. Since this feeling hasn’t been a fleeting one, I must really, really want one. I’m excited by the prospect that I could have one next year.

Last week I took this little baby for a test drive – the Motorino xpn. It’s the biggest I’ve taken out yet. Big in size (meaning width), big in weight, and big in price tag. The Motorino brand is my new favourite. I really like this model too, although I’ll be keen to take the model just under it for a ride one day.

Isn’t it lovely looking?

Since April, I’ve taken about three different bikes for a ride. I’ve also asked a lot of questions of sales folks, as well as online. Each day I see more and more electric bikes on the road here in Toronto. You can really only see them, they run too quiet for you to hear them!

Although this thing looks totally like a gas powered vespa rip-off, it’s all electric. Since it had pedals, it’s considered a bike. Heaven help you if you ever had to use the pedals though. It weighs more than I do. Frankly I think it’d be easier to push than pedal. In Ontario, there is no need to license this, or insure it (although it would be smart to as part of your contents insurance, just like it would be any good bike). You need to be at least 16, and you need to wear a helmet and you’re good to go.

Since I’m still talking about getting an ebike, most of my friends keep asking me if I’ve bought one yet. They think I’m kidding when I say I haven’t got the money for it yet. As you may have guessed, I get lots of “go get it – pay it off” and “you deserve it” and “eat kraft dinner for a month” kind of advice.

The troubling advice I get from my kids is they now want to go to Disney in 2011. So do I. When I started talking about how awesome my test drive was to the kids last week, the youngest said “remember Disney!”. In other words, don’t buy that bike, I want to go to Disney. I haven’t forgotten Disney, and that is the number one savings priority for 2011. I think we can have both.

We’ll have to see, of course. Meanwhile, the test drives are free. The Motorino wasn’t even being sold in the GTA when I started looking. I appreciate how quickly the market is evolving. Perhaps waiting until next year will give me even more options to consider. Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking, sighing and dreaming.

I’m still imagining trying to pull off my best Audrey Hepburn on the seat of one of these!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I totally want a Vespa!! But whenever I mention it everyone laughs and remarks, “for the two months it doesn’t snow in Edmonton?”. haha.. yeah =(


  2. Sweet looking ebike! Have you test-ridden a Veloteq already? The styling is a bit different (though the Sorrento has that retro look), and you may find lower pricing.


  3. Well, I have an obvious bias since I sell Veloteq, but it was a choice made after a lot of research. Veloteq has been going strong in Canada for several years and there’s a great network of dealers in place.

    Good luck in finding just the right ebike for you!


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