Need to open a can of whoop-ant

Seems every spring, ants invade some place in my house. We buy ant traps, or some kind of potion that’s safe to use with cats around, tolerate the invasion, then they go away.

This year has been very different. This year I’ve seen more different kinds of ants, from the garden variety to the teeny, tiny, microscopic to heaven knows what. They didn’t go away. It’s possible they took a two-week vacation. They’re really very focused on the kitchen cabinet under the sink. That’s ground zero. I need a can of whoop-ant to eliminate these invaders.

So far this year I’ve spent about $20 on hardware store solutions. It’s safe to say these may work, for a day or two. Not much longer.

On Monday I opened the cupboard to get the cat food out (which is in a sealed bag, in a sealed plastic bucket) and it was crawling with ants. I threw it out. New bag of cat food $28.  I took everything out of the cupboard and washed it all. This included the various baking dishes, the cat food plastic bucket and lid, the dishwasher soap container, a little container of plastic clips to seal bags, the ceramic dish that holds the SOS pad. Everything got scrubbed. Then I scrubbed the cupboard with water and javex.

After waiting for the cupboard to dry, I inspected the stuff I’d washed, and reloaded the cupboard. This was all before I started my work day. By noon, a small patrol of tiny ant scouts had returned to check out the scene. I emptied the cupboard and did it all again.

Of course they’re back. I’ve called my local pest control shop for at home solutions, and they’re not very interested in calling me back, it seems.

I’m at the point where I need professional help with this. I’m totally grossed out by these things.

I live in an old house. Yes, I expect to see the odd ant or spider or whatever from time to time. I also leave my back door wide open if there’s a breeze, and I have to chase the flies that might get in. This ant issue is ridiculous. I’m at my wits end. No, the ants aren’t coming in through the back door. They’re coming in under the kitchen cabinet.

Any tips on an economical solution? My grandmother used to put cucumber peels on her doorstep noting an ant would never cross a cucumber peel. I know this works, but do I have to peel cucumbers and leave them in my cupboard for the rest of my days? I want these colonies dead, dead, dead. I’d like my kitchen back, thank you very much. Hate to think of what it might cost to actually reclaim it.


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  1. Posted by it's me, Sam on August 12, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Try equal parts of borax and icing sugar. Let in a container that they can access under the cupboard. The icing sugar attracts them and they’ll carry it back to the colony, where the borax will kill the colony.


  2. This reminds me of the time when I opened my pantry cupboard and an entire neighbourhood of moths flew out! Moths aren’t as gross as ants nor as difficult to get rid of. We’ve had ants at various times too. I think we just killed them with RAID.


  3. Posted by Dana on August 13, 2010 at 11:25 am

    We have this problem every year as well. I hate to use chemicals to solve this problem because we have two small children and pets. Since I am home during the day, I find that if I vacuum up all the ants every couple of hours, they will give up and move on within a few days. You have to be diligent about it and do it from sun up to sun down. I have had to do it twice this year – I think they must be thriving in this heat.


  4. Posted by Shelley on August 15, 2010 at 10:16 am

    We used something called “Ant Bait” from Canadian Tire. It’s a small bottle, and you don’t need much at a time. Whatever is in it (some type of chemical) worked. I think you could put a few drops along the sides of the cupboard, close the door and go out for a walk (unless you’d really like to see where the ants are appearing from)! and it should help to take care of it (at least it did for me).




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