We’re now between BBQs

On the weekend, I fired up my little Napoleon O-Grill in the backyard.  Sadly, flames started pouring out the back of the grill, melting the plastic portions that weren’t designed to be char-broiled, so to speak. I turned the propane off, and let out a heavy sigh.

This is the SECOND time the Napoleon O-Grill has done this to me. In fact, this one that caught on fire in my yard was the replacement grill to the first one. Needless to say, I won’t be replacing this with another of the same make or model. Apparently there’s a fundamental problem with the design, and I have no idea what it is.

Last time it was replaced, the customer service rep said he had heard of such a thing happening but it was uncommon. When I asked what I needed to do differently in order to prevent it from happening again, there was no response. I was promised at the time they’d investigate my grill upon return and advise me of the issue. Crickets. No issue reported. Well, I now have 100% failure rate with two grills. That’s enough to make me pause.

This BBQ is less than a year old. Cast iron construction – you’d think it’d last. I think the issue is that these portable grills, even with the right adapter, can’t manage the volume from the larger propane tanks. I had a Weber Q grill years ago, and ended it up giving it to my parents. They’re still using it, after six years.

At any rate, this morning I got up and started hunting online for a replacement. Looked at the Weber Q grill again and read about the updated features. Looked at another couple of options. That’s when I caught myself.

So, the BBQ is dead. Move on. No, you’ll never buy another Napoleon product, but I don’t really NEED a BBQ, do I? Yes, I BBQ all year ’round. I also have the pleasure of owning a stove, with a working oven and a microwave. I don’t need to go out and throw down another couple hundred bucks just because my BBQ died. I can get through for a while without one.

I’d like Napoleon to give me my money back for pain and suffering, but that’s unlikely to happen.

What kinda surprised me this morning is how long it took me to pause and realize that we could live without a BBQ. I felt kinda stupid.

Come garbage day, the O-Grill will be on the curb with the rest of the trash. At least I learned something this morning. I still have to stop and think about needs versus wants.


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