There’s good news, then there’s good news!

It’s been an awesome weekend. I went away this weekend to visit my parents on Georgian Bay and a friend too. It was mostly without kids. Love the girls, but you know…

First, my visit with my friend was terrific.  We sat by her neighbours pool (they were away too), had a cold drink, talked, swam and collected some new tan lines. I literally cannot remember the last time I did something like that. It was totally wonderful. Then had a great visit with my parents.

There are two bits of good news out of this past weekend:

1.The kitties are home!

Sunday night we drove home with 7.5 week old Moo and Mia. They are so adorable. I’ve only taken about 150 pictures, so I’ll have to post some this week. They’ve been introduced to the other cats, and all is well. We are living in a too-cute world right now!

2. My eldest got a FULL TIME job!

My number one daughter is now a full-time employee for Longo’s. (If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a grocery chain that operates in the GTA). There’s a new store opening up down by the Air Canada Centre, and she’ll be one of the new crew members. This is a triple-whammy good news story.

Not only does she get to work full-time, BUT she also gets an employee discount (no idea how much), AND in three months (drum roll please), she gets drug coverage!!

I am so proud of her! She’ll be able to pack away some serious coin now. The drug coverage will give me a little bit of breathing room on the budget, which is terrific.

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend. Now proud Mama is off to work.


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