August’s Report Card: A

I’m giving myself an A for August! The first one since January.

Why an A for August?

  • I did not overspend in August, in fact, I was still $100ish in the black
  • Caught a huge error mid-month that I actually created for myself in July, and fixed it
  • Put my hand up for a bit more training with my part-time gig which may allow me to earn a few more bucks from the fall, onward.

Simply speaking, I did almost everything right. Feels awesome!

The months ahead have some financial bumps, which seems to be the normal state.  I’ll have some credit card payments for some activities in the summer (Drama day camp for my youngest, for one). My eldest kitty is pretty sick too. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars on veterinary bills already, and I suspect that a decision I’ll have to make on Friday will lead to another big one. (I’m not dwelling on the money on this one, only mercy and love).

On the bright side, we’ve completed our adoption of two new kitties, and they’ll soon be needing some veterinary care too. It’s only been a few days, and what joy they bring to our home!  That’s one of the new fur babies up there. We thought it was a girl and called it Mia.  Now we think it may be a boy, so new name is pending!

The really cool news is that I’m losing my desire for an electric bike or Vespa. This wasn’t on the books for 2010 at all, but lately I’m thinking I’d just like to do other things with that money.

August was awesome! Having control over the money really is empowering. When I had a plan, but failed to follow it, that was my personal recipe for disappointment. I knew I was doing it, but still couldn’t make the shift.  This has been a terrific year of the right amount of planning, discipline and self awareness.

On with September!!


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