Another nine months, another pair of glasses

For the last decade or so, my vision has been going straight downhill. All those years of sitting in front of a computer screen, combined with my tendency to celebrate a birthday every year, have really helped move this issue along!

Yesterday I went for my annual visit to my optometrist.  It seems like I see her quite a bit, between accompanying my youngest who must go twice a year due to her disease/medications, and my eldest who’s diabetic and wears glasses.  Thankfully, each of us enjoy fantastic eye health. Only the eldest and I wear glasses. The youngest has 20/20 vision.

The good doctor confirmed yesterday what I thought to be true:  I’m due for another prescription. Last change was November 2009. I almost made it to a year.  In 2009, I had a prescription change in February and November. Last night I had convinced myself that more months elapsed over my last change, but now that I’ve done the math, I realize that it was exactly the same – my vision depreciates enough for me to notice every 9 months.

I’m told that I’m not a great candidate for laser surgery because (a) my distance vision is fine (but starting to go now), and that laser surgery primary helps correct distance vision, and (b) my eyesight is continuing to decline at a pretty steady pace and hasn’t leveled off yet. My optometrist kindly told me I was “too young” for it to stop deteriorating any time soon. Ah, isn’t she the sweetest?

While I can accept that I wear glasses, what KILLS me is the cost of eyewear. I wear progressive lenses. I always seem to work in a job where I spend a good chunk of time in front of a computer, and I also sit in front of a computer for fun. My distance to a computer screen is a slightly different prescription than the one I use to read a book or a newspaper. Then there’s longer distance, which is generally good. This visit I realize that one eye is declining faster than the other. That’s the tension I’m feeling now – they’re fighting to try and balance each other out, and it’s not possible with my current lenses. Sigh.

The glasses on my head now were about $620. My pair before that were a similar price, give or take $30. The bulk of the cost is in my lenses. If I just wore glasses that were straight lenses, no progressives, they’d be a heck of a lot cheaper. I can take in my old frames and have them put new lenses in them, and that’d save me $100.  Still, I’d like to pay a lot less than $500.

Although I found a pair of frames that I really love ($655 with lenses), I have my prescription in my wallet to ‘shop around’ a bit. Last night I spent hours online trying to find an online retailer that sold a similar frame. No luck. I’ve heard that online eyewear retailers are reliable, inexpensive (and profitable), I’m not sure that I can trust a computer to advise me on where I need one prescription, then another, then none in a few millimeters of lens. There’s a few eyewear storefronts in my neighbourhood. I’ll hunt around a bit over the next few days.

I can’t even complain about the lack of medical coverage for this.  When I did have a good medical plan, it only covered about $200 every two years. I seem to be outpacing that easily.

Perhaps I need to reconsider my “no dating” policy and see if there’s a single optometrist out there?  <kidding>


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  1. Posted by joanne on September 9, 2010 at 7:53 am

    look at – I ordered glasses from them and am REALLY happy and they came within days. AND you can get progressive lenses too.


    • Thanks Joanne. I did look at that site last night. You’ve convinced me to take another look.
      Seems a pair I like would be about $237 – a far cry from $655! I’ll let you know how I fare!


      • Posted by joanne on September 9, 2010 at 12:03 pm

        my daughters are forever losing/miss placing glasses at school and that benefit money runs out fast! I was cleaning up the office and came across a 10% discount code – REFERRED09 – not sure if it is still valid but it would be worth a try if you are interested in ordering glasses.

        Good luck. I am very happy with mine.

  2. Posted by joanne on September 9, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Just found another for 20% – TELLAFRIEND.


    Good luck!


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