Wrapping up a good week, heading into a good weekend

Some weeks you get to experience the full range of emotions and experiences. This past weeks seems to be one of those.  I must say though, now that the week is wrapping up, I’m thankful for all of it.

A week ago today we said goodbye to my old friend Daisy. Although I’m still sad about having to say goodbye, and I still cry for a few minutes each day when I don’t see her sitting on the porch or at the foot of my bed, I’m overjoyed to have had the opportunity to share a home with her for the majority of her life.

Two weeks ago we brought home our two new kittens. They are such a bold reminder of the circle of life, as they rip around the house, jump off chairs, eat their breakfast like piranhas and fall asleep dead to the world for hours on end. Zoe, now the senior kitty in the house, has even been caught snuggling up to the two of them. She’s in her absolute happy place right now.

Daughter number one started her full-time job this week. She has to get up at 5 a.m. to make her lunch and get on her way on time. Despite her being a little crabby this morning, she’s on a great path for the future. We’re already discussing how much of her pay cheque will be packed away for school savings for September 2011.

Daughter number two is head-over-heels happy with her class line-up for Grade 12.

Everybody’s healthy.

A kind reader encouraged me to take a second look at an online eyewear retailer yesterday, which saved me about $440. Thank you Joanne!

Tay, over at Milestones has reminded me how important it is to take the right amount of time to do something, anything that feeds your spirit. Jacq at Single Mom, Rich Mom has given me some savvy advice and offered a helping hand if I need it for a dear friend. Such kindness. I recall my Mother telling me when I was little to be wary of strangers. Seems people I don’t know have been pretty terrific. It’s the people I know that I need to be wary of sometimes!

Aren’t we just the luckiest?

This weekend, my parents are coming for a visit. Mom and the girls and I are planning to go to a huge neighbourhood yard sale. This will be my first of the season.  Normally I work Saturday mornings, which puts me out of the yard sale circuit. I’ve taken tomorrow off in order to traipse around and look for any useful treasure. Sunday I’ll be participating in an event in conjunction with my part-time gig.

Busy. Lucky. Blessed.  That’s me.

Hope you have a great one!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by joanne on September 14, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Did the new glasses arrive?
    What do you think?


    • Hi Joanne,

      I got an email from clearlycontacts.ca letting me know that either the frame or lenses were out of stock. They were hoping to delivery by Thursday, but would update me with any changes. So, no new glasses today, but I appreciate the speedy notification of a delay!


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