Whirlwind couple of weeks

I’m on a total high right now! Despite having worked in one capacity or another for the last 14 days straight (and counting), I’m just feeling totally awesome about almost everything these days.

Over the last week, the organization who gets my full-time attention had their annual gathering of the team. We worked hard, played even harder. We literally laughed and cried. We had such a great gathering I’m still pumped about it. Not only was it a great corporate success, but we had an opportunity to recognize some individual super stars too. I have the privilege of working with some great folks.

I was honored to be the recipient of kind words and an overwhelmingly generous gift certificate for a rather nice spa here in Toronto. My worries about where to get my hair cut or if I’m going to get a massage or not are over for a while. I was totally speechless.

In my part-time world, there too I was honoured to be part of an annual gathering of those folks from our particular region. It was a total shock to me when my name was announced, in front of 500 of my co-workers, as being the individual who had best delivered our service vision to our clients. I was shocked and so thrilled.

Isn’t it great to hear that the work we do is actually good and meaningful? Whether or not that comes with a reward or trinket, the result is the same – at least it is for me. Just let me know that I’m on the right path, and it’s easier for me to stay on it. Even a hug from a kid when you put her ironed clothes on her bed is an amazing reward.

As I look down the hall and see the mountain of laundry that is still left to do, and the growing grocery list on the fridge, I still feel like the luckiest person on the earth. Despite my look ahead to the end of the month and my confidence that I’ll finish in the red, I know that I’m making a difference in our household finances.

My lesson this month: even though the route is scenic, and there are perpetual detours, as long as you know where you’re going, you will arrive.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so happy for you MCM! There’s nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling you get from appreciation and acknowledgement. It definitely makes it all worth it.


  2. Congrats! What a wonderful way to be appreciated.


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