Still need new glasses

I’m sad to report I’ve returned my new glasses to My experience with them as a customer has been great, but my experience with being a customer wearing progressive lenses is a bit more challenging.

My new glasses arrived when I was away at a conference last week. I was notified that either the frames or lenses were out of stock shortly after I ordered them, so I expected the delay. Although, when I placed the order the order form indicated otherwise. There was no great urgency, so it wasn’t a problem.

Once they arrived, I put them on and went for a short walk. Inside about three minutes, I knew it wasn’t going to be that straight forward. Just the way the lenses felt, I knew no amount of adjusting would make a difference. So I called them up and told them my story.

“Did you measure your pupils?” asked the customer service rep.

“Yep, sure did” I replied.

“What method did you use to measure them?” she continued.

“With the ruler you provide on your website. I printed it out and followed the instructions and entered in the measurement on my order form.”

“With progressives, it’s different. You have to measure from one pupil to the bridge of your nose, then from the other pupil to the bridge of your nose, and enter in those two different measurements rather than the straight distance from one pupil to the other.” she remarked

“Well” I sighed. “No where on your website did it prompt me to measure my pupils differently even though I had selected progressives”

“It’s better if somebody else does it for you” she added.

“On your website, you clearly state how easy it is to do it yourself” I chime in.

“It’s different for progressives” she repeats.

“That’s where your website was silent”

She sent me a label to return my glasses for a full refund, and I’ve put them back in the mail. At some point in our conversation, she mentioned that a lot of people with progressives have this issue. You’d think there’d be a clearer message online, wouldn’t you?

Strangely, while I went to the post office to return this pair, I got a Facebook notification that they’re giving away 5,000 pair of glasses the very next day – FOR FREE! Hey, that’s cool, right? I’m an early bird, I figure I can get in and order a new set of glasses again, except this time get a really good deal.

When I went to the website early that morning, I see there is absolutely no where on the website that gives me an option to enter in two distinct pupil measurements.

Suddenly, my frustration factor maxes out, my youngest isn’t feeling well, the kittens are running around like bandits, and I have a TON of work to do to prepare for another busy day. One point later in the day I go back in, and a business call distracts me and I totally miss the opportunity.

By Sunday, I get an email that tells me it’s not too late to get a great deal, I can get 50% off on Sunday. Sunday I’m still working, have preparation work to do for an important presentation, the kid is still sick and I truly don’t have time to spend another second messing around with this thing.

I’ve convinced myself if I wore straight lenses, or perhaps even bifocals, this would be an awesome website to do business with. When you wear progressives, it’s a mystery to me how to take advantage of their great prices.

Since last Sunday, I’ve now visited two different optical stores, and haven’t found any frames I like as much as the one’s at my Optometrist’s office.

Despite their price tag of $600+, I’m thinking of ordering them. Right now I’m just spinning my wheels. It’s been three weeks since I’ve gone to the Optometrist, and I can see no better now than I could then. My time has a value too, and I’m really thinking I’ve spent enough of it.

I would totally recommend if you just wore a regular lens. Perhaps all I needed to do was place my order by phone, but in this last week, their promotions and my schedules didn’t align to make that possible. I had already spent quite a bit of time on hold waiting to discuss returning my existing pair.

If I call and order the pair I like, I know I’ll feel a bit defeated over this particular journey. Perhaps I’ll sleep on it another night. Either way, I gotta do something about it this week. I’m taking a bit of a holiday next week, and I have books I want to read!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by joanne on September 28, 2010 at 10:46 am

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out better 😦
    I hope you will try them again when you have time to spare.



    • Posted by joanne on September 28, 2010 at 10:51 am

      Also, fyi; just remembered;
      I ordered pairs for my girls via the free giveaway and I couldn’t put the value in for their measurement as it didn’t go low enough (they were only 7yrs old at the time) and once I put the order in I called and had them change the measurement to a lower number. It might be an option to input 2 values/measurements due to the progressive lenses.

      Good Luck.



    • Hey Joanne,
      I totally appreciate the experience! I think they have a great price point, great selection, and good customer service. Just not sure if progressives are a good route for the diy customer.

      I think the next time I’ll have to have an optometrist measure my pupil distances (both, rather than cumulative) and call them for an order.

      My eldest daughter also wears glasses, and she just has regular lenses. I’ll certainly be coaxing her to use next time she needs a change.


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