Need some serious, short term goals

The end of the year is in sight, and I need some serious, short term goals in order to position myself to be able to eliminate my consumer debt by February 2011.

October is finishing with a great, big thud. It’s not any prettier than September, when I finished in the red. I see a bunch of red again. Having said that, I’m still confident that my longer term results will be outstanding, and I’m trying to focus on that.

In order to not sabotage myself (any further) for the remainder of 2010, I have to set some goals along the way. I’ve always found this strategy helps keep me on the straight and narrow. It’s like putting a little flag on a twisted path. Helps me verify that I’m going the right way.

As I review my spreadsheet for 2010, I see that my discipline has relaxed a bit over the last few months. That isn’t the entire reason for finishing a couple of months in the red, but it sure doesn’t help matters.

I suspect that the Bank of Canada will hold the rate steady for the remainder of 2010, so I’m going to presume that my interest rate for mortgages and my line of credit won’t change. My full-time income won’t change, but I can continue to look for opportunities to fill-in for colleagues at my part-time gig. This isn’t a ton of money, but it’s something.

Christmas is coming, and I have to really focus on staying in budget here. I’ve budgeted $400 for gifts. What the heck was I thinking?

November’s medical expenses are already just under $1900. Only about $1000 of that is reimbursable. That doesn’t make the task easy.

The wee fur babies need one more immunization booster, and they’re due for a spay and neuter in mid-December.  The “fixing” part expense won’t land until January, so I can put that aside for now.

Over the weekend, I’ll do a little strategizing with myself, to try and nail down some measureable, achievable goals for the next two months. I’m very motivated to have a strong finish in 2010, an put myself in a winning position for January 1, 2011. If you have any tips for me, of course I’m all ears!

Meanwhile, on Saturday I’m going to hop in a rented car (yeah me!) and go give my step-Mom a second set of eyes on her financial picture. (See, I really don’t need to own a car to do that!).  Have a great and safe weekend!



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  1. Christmas scares me. Keeping a lid on spending is very difficult at that time of year what with travel, food, gifts etc. Usually my spending sees two huge surges throughout the year – summer when I am off school for 2 months and Christmas when I have the urge to indulge my daughter and myself. I am feeling a little worried as I want to have at least $600-700 on hand and so far have only managed to put $200 aside. So I really have to stay on top of things this year and so far haven’t got it figured out. I’ll be staying tuned to your blog to see if you get any helpful tips:)


  2. Posted by JP on October 22, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    check with your local humane society (not sure what they are in canada) for discounted spay/neuter. Our vet wanted $400 for our little doggy, but I got it done at the ASPCA for $60 – plus they chipped her for free.


  3. Christmas is coming and I’m already nearly half done my shopping/spending.
    I have actually spent just over $400 so far. I have $500 left in my Christmas savings account, and will be adding another $200 in November so we should be okay for Christmas this year! Phew!

    As for advice or suggestions for you to keep your budget in the black – just keep on keeping track and thinking your purchases through so you are confident that what you buy is what you need. Good luck!


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