The dog ate my homework, and other unlikely stories

Sorry I didn’t drop by yesterday.  I was trying to deal with a little misadventure we had around here on Sunday.

Since I don’t have a dog, I can tell you that no dog ate my homework. I do, however, have three cats. Two of them kittens. When I left my third of a cup of cold coffee on the kitchen table, with my closed/powered off laptop to go for a walk on Sunday, I didn’t expect what would happen.

Sunday was a gorgeous day here. The kids were elsewhere, and it was one of those rare, all to myself, afternoons. I decided to go for a walk. When I got back home, the coffee cup (that I had forgot about) was overturned, and the contents were all over the table, the chair, the floor, etc. My laptop was sitting in a puddle of cold coffee.

My initial thought was “thank goodness it was closed and off!”. After I cleaned up the mess, and scrubbed the floor, I tried to power on my laptop. No go.

I inverted it, thinking some coffee may have snuck into the ports on the side. Tried in a couple of hours to power it on. No go.

Eventually, the laptop fan came on and ran for many, many hours. Still, no sign of life.

My laptop (a two-year old MacBook) is how I get to work every day. My files are on there, all my settings, bookmarks, etc. It’s where I blog from.  Luckily, I have an older desktop PC, which I keep around for the girls to surf on, and for a back-up in the event we need two computers going at once.

After searching on the PC for some thoughts about my MacBook, I decided to take it into my neighbourhood Apple Store. That’s where it remains. The longer it stays there, the bigger the bill is that I’m imagining.

Suddenly, the kittens are a bit less charming. I anticipated extra expense for cat food, cat litter and vet bills, but laptop repair?

I spent the weekend thinking about my budget and what little goals I’d set for myself in order to finish the year strong. Perhaps I need to accept that “life happens” and regardless of my goal posts, I’ll keep moving them.

I’m not giving in. Just waiting on that call from the Apple Store to see what the diagnosis is. Keep your fingers crossed for me.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry your kitties wrecked your MacBook. It’s funny, kids are kind of like that too. When people factor in the cost of children (or pets), they only think of the obvious – food, clothing, shelter, acitivities… but what about the stuff they break that needs to be fixed, and the stuff they lose that needs to be replaced… Ya, life happens and it can get mighty expensive at times!!! I hope your MacBook doesn’t cost a small fortune to repair! Let us know!


  2. Feeling your pain. Am dealing with the same re my totalled car. I know that whatever insurance offers me won’t be enough to replace my vehicle and I just bought it last year. Makes me sick to think about the money lost in the vehicle in such a short time. Makes a person want to go carless!! Maybe there’s a lesson in there for me somewhere, ya think??


    • Oh Jane, so sorry to hear about the car! I’d like to be sassy and say “anybody can be carless” but I’ve lived in too many places in this great nation, and I know that many, many people cannot be carless. Good luck to you with your decision.

      Meanwhile, the nice man from the Apple store has called. Computer is fried. There goes the budget. .


  3. Oh man, so sorry to hear about that – can’t save the hard drive, even though the motherboard is gone? My dog has cost me probably $5,000 above and beyond what he “should” have cost. And when he had a disc problem after our holiday – bang! $800 overnight. These are things even I don’t build into my budget.

    Can you get by with the PC? And did you have backups?


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