The MacBook is dead. Long live the MacBook Pro.

Well friends, it’s official.  My two-year old MacBook was laid to rest yesterday.

Most of my friends and colleagues are amazed that a small bit of liquid, entering in through the side ports would do so much damage.  If any of you read my comment to Jane yesterday, the logic board was “heavily corroded” said the repair technician, and the display connector was also “severely damaged“. He said he could repair them, but a new machine would be much cheaper.

I’ve noticed something about myself over the last seven years, when chronic illness and medical uncertainty entered  my household.  When the chips are WAY down, I get really logical and calm. I’m not sure if it’s self-protection or if I’ve learned to accept that some things are not within my control, and you can either roll with them and do what needs to be done, or allow them to destroy your psyche.

It seems I’ve made an unconscious decision to roll with it. The technician at Apple said “you’re taking this unusually well...” Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

After I had received the news about the passing of the MacBook, I wandered back down to my neighbourhood Apple store to review my options again. Despite my constant use and reliance on a computer, I’m not the computer geek some people think I am.  My last two years with my MacBook have proven to be useful in terms of considering what my current and future needs may be.

I opted for a slightly bigger/faster MacBook Pro.

The good news out of these recent events is that my hard-drive was pristine. In addition, I have a Time Capsule, which is Apple’s solution to the perpetual back-up, via WiFi. My data was protected – twice. This is outstanding news.  The nice repair technician is putting my old hard-drive in a case, which will give me a mega external hard-drive, should I ever need it. Cool.

He’s also transferring all my data/software/files to the new machine with my old hard-drive. I pick it up this morning, it should be ready to just plug in and get back to work.

I pondered, for a millisecond, purchasing a second-hand machine. Because I am not a computer geek, and would find it overwhelmingly frustrating to copy all my software/files/data on to my new machine, I opted for new. This is my livelihood. I can’t spend days on end trying to set up a machine and wonder if it’s a lemon or not.  The new one gives me the assurance that I’ll have the support (for a period of time) and that Apple will hand it over looking just like my old one.

The impact on the budget is obviously significant. The hit will come in December, when the VISA bill arrives for payment.  What can I do about it? Nothing.

I can keep my nose to the grindstone and be particularly vigilant about my expenses. I can stop leaving partial cups of coffee around. As I was thinking about it last night (with a glass of wine), I chuckled and thought this is why I didn’t buy an electric bike, this is why I don’t own a Vespa, this is why I didn’t buy a car. Imagine if I had done any of those things? I can recover from this little set-back. It wasn’t in the plans, but few things in life are, it seems.

Today I’ll focus on the positive.  As soon as the Apple store opens, I get a new computer!!



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  1. You will love that Macbook Pro. BF does. I love it too, except I need a PC to do everything. If only Apple made machines I could install ONLY Windows on. (Not using Fusionware or VMware or whatever else there is out there to run two operating systems).



  2. So glad you didn’t get the car too! I always think you can’t really figure out a budget unless you look at a year or so time span – because “stuff” just happens and will always just happen. I tend to think bare bones and then add in a pretty big amount for “fudge factor” knowing it WILL happen, I just don’t know when. OTOH, I’ve been told I’m a pessimist but I’d rather be that and get pleasantly surprised when stuff doesn’t happen than disappointed when it does.


  3. At least you got all your data from your old Macbook. It’s your silver lining. Remind yourself, this too shall pass, and keep trudging along.


  4. Hi McMOM – we’re sort of in the same boat as I just bought a new Toshiba laptop after my old one bit the dust.
    I’ve had so many, many, MANY problems with computers in the past that I actually have a Laptop Replacement Fund that I still keep adding money to, even though I now have a brand new computer. Some folks think it’s a waste just letting that cash sit there, but it’s all about piece of mind for me. Not only do I use my computer for work (investing), but our laptop is our lifeline when we travel.

    I have a Love/Hate relationship with most computers. I love them – they hate me.


    • Well, you’d get no odd looks from me, Kelsi. Sounds like good planning to me. We think of replacing appliances, rooves, windows, etc. Why not consider our computers too? I think I’ll try and start a “Life Happens” fund for 2011. I don’t know what it’ll be spent on, but I’m sure it’ll be something.

      Something that’s not an emergency, and something that I shouldn’t have otherwise seen coming.
      As Gilda Radner used to say, “it’s always something!”


  5. Soooooo glad you got all your files off your deceased laptop!! That would be the worst. I think we all have learned from your “mini disaster” and to “have a plan” in place for those unexpected events – they happen to all of us so we need to be prepared. Some good learning there.


  6. Jeez! Really smart idea getting a time capsule! I don’t know how I’d react if my Macbook died on me!!

    What notebook did you get?? I’m a bit of a Apple maniac .. I SO want a new MacBook Air… my friends have one and it’s such a breeze working on it! And thin and light too!


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