What went right this week?

Zoe, Moo and Gus

As I sit and sip my coffee this morning, I feel overwhelmingly good. I don’t think it’s just the freshly brewed coffee!

Despite a significant set back that occupied my head space for most of the week, and more time fixing it than I would have liked, I’m just feeling on top of the world.

The month is almost over, and the grocery envelope has just enough to get us milk and hallowe’en candy to get us through the weekend.

The fridge is stocked with a huge pot of ham and vegetable soup that I made earlier this week. Never in my life have I boiled a ham bone and then attempted to make soup.  Am I ever glad I tried it now!  The soup is yummy, hearty and cheap! Want to come over for lunch?

Last night I started my new role with my part-time gig. I was totally terrified and nervous, but felt like a rock star when it was all over.  I get to do it all over again tomorrow morning. Aren’t I the luckiest?

The full-time gig is ramping way up, and I’m excited for the challenges ahead.

Maybe there’s something in this coffee?

I thought I’d introduce you to my new dependants up there. They’re the cause of my little financial disaster this week, and the cause of endless laughter and smiles too. Zoe, who is two years old, is totally in her happy place with the kittens.  She’s particularly fond ot snuggle time, but seems to totally take to bathing the kittens too. The kittens will be four months old next week. How time flies when you’re scratching the sofa.

Despite more lean months ahead, I’m still confident that I’m doing what needs doing in order to reach my goals of being debt free. The more I listen to advice from folks dispensing it at a basic level, the more I tune out. I’ve got the message and I’m on board. I’m the choir you’re singing to. What took me a long time to drive home is the patience I need in order to keep earning, and paying down debt and boosting various savings. I didn’t rack it up in a year, so I shouldn’t expect that 12 months would be sufficient to get it to zero.

Maybe I’m just content that it’s Friday, and I get to see little kids dressed up in super cute costumes in a couple of days. Perhaps I’m just proud of my eldest who’s working her socks off at her new full-time job. She’s so busy she can barely spend it – which is good.  The youngest has just completed making her own pirate costume (thank you YouTube) with stuff from the thrift store. And she’s back at school and catching up on what she’s missed while she was sick.

Yep, I’m feeling content. Hope you find lots of great things in your week as you reflect.  Have a safe Hallowe’en.


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  1. Cute kitties… good coffee… what a great way to start the day!
    I’m curious about your “gigs”. Any chance you’ll share what you do at your fulltime and parttime gigs?
    As for the debt, what is your debt-free date (not including mortgage debt)? Hang in there, you are doing great!!!


    • Hi MM,
      Yes, I should out myself a little more, shouldn’t I? Not trying to be overwhelmingly secretive, since I disclose most of my financial laundry here!

      In my FT gig, I work with a team that keeps a robust website going. I’m not the technical brains (as I already confessed), but I’m pretty good with people, policy and procedures. It’s been two years now, I’m really enjoying it.

      In my PT gig, I work for WeightWatchers. I have been a receptionist with them for a couple of years, which I totally enjoyed. Since I have a reasonably high octane FT gig, the role of receptionist allowed me to have a moment with our members, hopefully motivate or encourage them, and not take my work home with me (since there was already lots of work at home). Now, I’m also a WeightWatchers Leader. I wanted to be totally confident that I could maintain my own weight, and that I would have enough headspace to have that role with the members. I really enjoy that part of my work-life too!

      My debt free date is projected at February 2011. With my recent adventures this past week, I’m not sure if I can still stay on track, but I suspect I’ll try and find a way.

      Happy weekend, and thanks for being a part of my days and my journey!


      • Cool! I really didn’t expect those jobs… for some reason I thought maybe your parttime gig was waitressing. 🙂 Lots of tip money plus a paycheque at the end of the week… Anyway, it sounds like you do really enjoy your jobs and that’s half the battle. Personally, I am burnt out with my job and thus the drop in hours. Maybe some day I’ll get a job like your parttime one. I enjoy motivating and encouraging people in whatever way I can, though I’m really not an “expert” in any particular venture in life.

        As for your debt-free date, it’s not that far away!!! 4 months – EEK! How exciting! But even if it takes you till March or April, no big deal. Life happens while we’re trying to get out of debt so roll with the punches and do your best. Good luck!!!

  2. mcMOM – The kitties are perfect. Thanks for another great screensaver!


  3. I went all soft and mushy inside looking at your new kittens. Gus looks just like my Tisky when she was a kitten all of 16 years ago. I had two that grew up together but the slightly older one, Ruby, died a few years ago. There is just nothing CUTER than a kitten, nothing.
    No wonder you are feeling such contentment: hearty soup in the fridge, daughters doing great, kittens looking adorable and cuddly and something really good in your coffee! Forgeddabout the soup, I’m coming over for coffee!!


  4. That’d be nice Jane!


  5. Split pea and ham is one of my faves! I had a great WW leader in Houston. Not enough counting patience these days though. 😦


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