Move over Scarlett…

After a year, I finally had my hair cut yesterday.  At the Spa, no less!  The hair stylist told me that Scarlett was lovely, but her hair style wouldn’t work with my hair (which wants to be curly/wavy) and further that bleached blonde hair acted entirely different than my brunette, with the odd sprinkle of grey hair.

So, my hair is cut, and I’m loving it.  This morning I’m thinking it’s actually a bit more Chrissy Hynde than Scarlett Johansson. Chrissy is actually brunette, and closer to my age bracket too.

Yesterday was great. The morning I spent at work yesterday was entirely unproductive, with happy birthday phone calls, emails and deliveries to the door. I was overwhelmed – in a good way.  As I was heading out the door to the Spa, the phone rang. The call display said it was my bank branch.  I figured I should pick it up, in the event there was some urgency.

The familiar voice of the Branch Manager said “Tracy, we just drew your name – you won our Breast Cancer Awareness gift basket!”  How cool is that? My branch of the CIBC had this beautiful basket of goodies by the tellers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  A raffle ticket for $1 was all it took to win it in their draw. I’ll pick it up on Friday.

“Come for cookies on Friday” said the Branch Manager, “it’s customer appreciation day!”  I have the best bank branch in the world – honestly. What Bank Manager calls you up and invites you for cookies?





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  1. Happy Birthday Tracy! A Chrissie Hynde lookalike haircut totally rocks, literally! (She’s my era too!) So happy 47th – what an amazing day you had yesterday! Winning a gift basket on your birthday – such synchronicity:) I won an Alzheimer’s gift basket once and it was put together by Staples – I have sticky notes coming out the wazoo! But as a teacher I use them everyday so it was a great win for me:)


  2. Happy Birthday! I meant to comment on that post, but don’t have blog access at work (which is a good thing). Happy win and what awesome days you’re having!


  3. Posted by seenonflickr on November 5, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Sounds great! Happy birthday!!


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