New home insurance: new attitude.

Wow, I really ranted yesterday. You know I hate whining.

I cancelled my home insurance with The Co-operators yesterday. Still no phone call from the District Manager, although I was assured again she’d call. Mmm hmm. They’ll be sending me a pro-rated refund for my premium paid, no cancellation fee. I did ask, again, if they were going to send it to the correct address.

I’ve signed up with the same company that insures my rental property. They’ve been good to me for the past six years, and they understand that I insure a property at one address, and they send me the bills at another. If they can figure that out, I’m reasonably confident they know where to find me.

Many of you wondered why I stuck it out for so long.  I don’t know why, to be honest. Just was something that was a nuisance, and I dealt with it. Once it really got under my skin, I blew a gasket. Enough was enough.  Suffice it to say, I’ll never do business with The Co-operators Insurance again. Just dreadful.

Meanwhile, this picture (that’s me over there) was taken last night. You can see I had a smile on my face, and I was in my happy place.  Now that I’ve confessed my part-time gig is with WeightWatchers, I can let you know that a few of my co-workers and I have issued each other a 5 lb challenge.  We’re all wanting to drop 5 lbs between now and December 21.  Apparently we’re nuts thinking we can do this in the crux of the holiday season, but we’re all veterans, and we’re going to have a bit of fun with it.  Our members are having fun watching us all weigh in too!  Hey, we may work with WeightWatchers, but we’re members too. In fact, we’re members first.

I’m happy to have this friendly wager between friends. I’m trying to think of a personal finance challenge to issue as well, although I’m hard pressed to think I can compete in that realm at all!  I’ve seen so many of you participate in “no spend” months, or no clothing, and perecentage reductions in certain categories. Perhaps I’m just not as confident in my ability to be successful at something like that.

It sounds totally weird to say that, because I have been more successful this year in paying off debt and managing and tracking my finances than I ever have been.  Still, I see what some of you accomplish, and I can’t help but bow down and mutter “I’m not worthy”, in a very Canadian, Wayne’s World kinda way. In a way, it’s exactly what we suggest our WeightWatchers members don’t do – don’t compare your journey with somebody else’s. One member can lose 4 lbs this week, another may lose .4 lbs. Why does the person who loses .4 lbs feel inadequate after a reasonable, safe weight loss?  Because they looked over their shoulder and thought somebody did better.

I have to stop looking over my URL and comparing myself to other people too. I’m not perfect (hope I never told you I was – incase you haven’t already figured that out yet), but I am learning and improving this year. I’ve focussed on behaviors that will get me the results I want:

– track my finances, even if they are in the red

– keep my biggest wild card expense in a jar in the cupboard (groceries)

– learned that I can pay off debt and put a small amount toward emergency savings, retirement and kids education at the same time

– allowed my one year forecast to help me make major decisions and plans (like not buying a car).

Oh, and somewhere along the line I opted to start coming here and inviting you to be a part of my journey, and that’s been overwhelmingly rewarding. So, as I carry on with my day, I’ll ponder a financial challenge. While I’m tempted to wait until the new year (just like somebody who wants to drop five pounds or more might), perhaps there’s a mini-December challenge we can consider. Hey, in December, simply sticking to our budget would be a good challenge!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey – it’s good to SEE you:) I’m on a weight loss challenge too (10 pounds – no real time limit) so any tips you can pass along will be appreciated:) Now I understand some of your comments more clearly in light of your revelation!
    I think that staying ON budget in December may prove to be the biggest financial challenge of the year as I typically become exceedingly generous to all of my loved ones throughout December. I am going to try to replace gifts of things with gifts of substance – such as the gift of time spent together, handwritten letters, , potluck suppers, soppy sentimental cards, home baking and whatever else I can think of. You are definitely ON TRACK!


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing that picture of you! Love putting a face to the blog!
    I love the advice to stop comparing yourself to others. If *I’ve* done my best, I should be proud of that effort and happy with myself, even if it falls short of my neighbour’s success. Great advice to take to heart!
    Good luck with your 5 lb challenge. Let us know how you do!


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