2011, here we come!

Over the weekend, I’ll be making some adjustments to the working forecast for 2011. Yes, I’m a nerd, I’ve had a working copy for about four months now.

The home insurance fiasco means that I should get a refund from The Cooperators for the cancellation of my policy in December (if they remember where I live), and I’ll then have a big, new bill due in January for home insurance, from my new company. My primary residence home insurance billing cycle will now follow that of my rental. I’ll have one, BIG quarterly payment for both properties.

Good thing I’m a planner!

Yesterday, out of frustration trying to find a Disney specialist to help me plan my vacation next year with the girls, Google finally turned up these guys in Bolton, ON. All they do is help people plan their Disney vacations. After one short email, I got a speedy reply, and an appointment later in the day to start discussing some plans and pricing, for my budgeting purposes.  What outstanding service! I even picked up some tips that I’m confident I wouldn’t have discovered through other means (like which resorts have queen sized beds, instead of double, etc).

I now have a price-point to plan around, and it’s actually less than I imagined it would be! How sweet is that? So far, these guys get the “awesome customer service” award. It’s possible I’ll book this thing in 2010, and pay up in 2011. All it takes is a $200, totally refundable deposit. Unbeleivable!

The weather has been spectacular in Toronto these last few days. I’m hopeful it’ll stick around for the weekend. Can’t wait to rake some more leaves (really, I love raking – honest) and put the summer furnishings and accessories to bed for the winter, and haul out the Christmas box for outside.

Have a great weekend, see y’all next week!


One response to this post.

  1. Once I find out how much I have to spend on my “new” car I will have to revamp my 2011 budget also. I have a line on a couple of used cars somewhat similar to what I had before for under $10,000 but still waiting on the police investigation to be done. Blecch! Really want to get this over and done with but the waiting continues….
    Your Disney guys sound amazing – there’s always a silver lining. This is great payback after your insurance fiasco:) Happy for you.


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