The cheque really was in the mail…

Friends, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve already received my reimbursement for my house insurance premium from The Cooperators. Amazing. Not only did they deliver before they said they would, they actually mailed it to the right address.

I haven’t received a call back from their District Manager about my complaint. After 9 days, I suspect I won’t.

The last two days I’ve been out of the home/office at day long meetings with colleagues.  Really productive, really exhausting!  Sorry that I didn’t announce my departure earlier!

It’s half way through November, and we’re looking at about $150 in the grocery budget (ouch).  My parents are coming this weekend for a visit, and I’m thinking of making a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Most of the “trimmings” I can get away with stuff I have in the house, or pick up inexpensively at my local fruit stand.  I love turkey dinner, and I really only get it about once – maybe twice a year.  If I splurge on a turkey, then we’ll be eating turkey for a little while.  Perhaps a tasty way to extend our groery budget a little longer?

On the weekend, I was speaking with Mom on the phone, planning our weekend, their arrival time, etc.  I realized that despite my Mom’s outstanding money lessons, she’s also been a pretty good shopping mentor.  I actually found myself trying to convince her that she didn’t want to go to IKEA on a Saturday afternoon to hunt for a duvet cover.  She found this shocking. Frankly, so did I.

My parents visit will be their last until Easter. They’re snowbirds. By this time next week, they’ll have packed up their van and have headed for Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for the winter.  Down there, a person can find an awesome duvet cover for about $2 USD if you’re in the right thrift store at the right time.  Mom is often in a thrift store. In fact, her and her South Carolina buddy (also Canadian) volunteer two half-days per week at a charitable thrift shop on the Island. She’s often on the front line of watching the groovy stuff come in – before anybody else gets a chance to get their pesky little $1 on it!

Additionally, IKEA on a Saturday afternoon is not a phenomenon that she’s familiar with, nor do I think she’d enjoy. I’ve seen fist fights break out in the parking lot on a normal day. Now that it’s holiday season, I really don’t want to go near the place. Despite all that, the duvet covers that would appeal to her aren’t sold at IKEA. All this to say, she’s really quite a pro-shopper. She’s slowed down a bit due to some health concerns, but not so long ago she’d just go and go and go. As I was talking her out of the trip (and out of buying me lunch), I realized that I have come by some of my shopping demons honestly.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m “cured”, but I have “come a long way baby”, so to speak.

They’ll stay overnight in my room when they come. They always do.  I’m anticipating my step-father teasing me about how there are still no knobs on about a third of my dresser.  He reminds me I can just “go buy some at the hardware store”.

Yep, I know. Maybe in 2011 I’ll replace those knobs.  Right now, I’m kicking the debt monster’s butt!!



3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s cool that your parents go south for the winter! And I suppose it would be a great way to not buy too much stuff since you actually can’t fit it in anywhere. 🙂

    Glad to see you got your money!

    Hmm $150 for groceries plus turkey would = chicken / turkey taco soup to me. LOL


    • Yeah, good for them. I’m hopeful when I’m retired, I can act similarly. We often go down for a week or so, because it’s a cheap vacation if we can get there. Still, it costs over a grand to just show up. We’re not heading down this year (of course).

      So…is there a recipe to go along with that taco you’re teasing me with? 🙂


  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm turkey…. I am sitting in Starbucks at 7:08pm and no supper in sight! When we had a turkey at Thanksgiving it really did last us all week with Michael throwing the bones in a pot and making soup. By this weekend there will really only be one week left of November so hopefully you can make it on the $150 you have left. I spent my whole $250 (for half a month) all in one day but I went to 3 stores and bought up the meat specials which will continue to feed us well into December. I don’t usually spend it all at once but I feel really good about the deals (not often we get chicken breasts for $1.88 around here).
    IKEA – I’ve only been once and was so overwhelmed I ended up not buying anything – I was on sensory overload!


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