November’s home stretch

The grocery money ran out three days ago.

I asked the girls if they wanted to try a “empty the freezer and cupboards” marathon over the next few days. Strangely, they thought that sounded like fun! So, the cupboard cleanout is on! We have lots of good food in the freezer, so I’m not too worried. They seem to plow through about two pounds of grapes a day, and that has stopped as of yesterday. They’ll have to make do with the other fresh fruit options around.

Both girls got a bit of crazy in their eyes and said “let’s go dumpster diving!”ย  We’ve seen some television shows about this, and frankly, we’re all fascinated. The thought of doing it without a getaway car seems a bit daunting. For me, I’d be a bit chicken, I think. I’d prefer to do it in packs with people who have a bit more experience.

For any of you who are new around here, it isn’t that I couldn’t go spend more money on groceries if we were desperate. I totally can. My goal every month is to make the $510 I set aside in cash for groceries last us for the month. Most of the time, this has worked. It merely means that we don’t whine that what we have on hand isn’t what we “feel like” eating, we make it work. In my past, I’ve blown over the grocery budget by as much as $200 a month for the nice-to-have items, like frozen yogurt, hot chocolate, cookies, snack foods, prepared foods, etc. We just don’t do much of that any more. Nobody misses it either. (Okay, we break down every so often for a tub of Chapman’s Mint Chocolate Chunk frozen yogurt).

At any rate, November promises to finish in the black by a good margin.ย  That’s a particularly good thing because December will back to red like September and October, with the purchase of the new laptop. (Still love my kitties).

I’ve got a good handle on my Christmas shopping now, and the little Charlie Brown tree is even up. Yep, I caved.

The girls will be away on Sunday, which gives Santa a chance to do a bit more shopping, as well as do some wrapping.

I’m so close to being without a line of credit debt in a few months, I can almost taste the victory. Have a great weekend!ย  See you next week.


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  1. My grocery money ran out this month too (mine is $500 for 3 people so very similar to yours) & I did spend another $16 as we needed the staples: milk, bread, plain yogurt (I eat it for breakfast every morning) and juice. However, on the bright side the freezer is still chock full of meat and fish, both bins still more than half full of veggies and fruit, and I don’t think I’ll have to shop for at least a week or more. So while I went over budget the food is going to last way beyond the budget period.
    I have a lot of experience making cupboard and freezer meals – I have a trailer and at the end of the season we have to use up what is there instead of bringing new and better stuff with us to eat. It can make for some funny looking meals but is usually really enjoyed as a change (and a challenge)!


  2. We’re the opposite. We still have $40 in our grocery jar, but we ran out of gas money, entertainment money, kids’ expenses money and “other” money about 3 days ago. We don’t re-fill the jars till Sunday… I guess November was a difficult month for a few of us, but we’ll survive!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. This envelope / jar thing confuses me. Wouldn’t it be best to leave out $20 or something just to buy the “essentials” at the end of every month? You’re budgeting $170 per person / month or close to $6/day per person – it must be possible to bring that down if need be. You’ve got me really curious to see how to figure this out.

    My oldest son and I were making potato skins last night and figuring out the cost of homemade vs. bought at a restaurant. Love those teaching moments with kids. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, we figured out about $2.50 or so for the whole meal for the 3 of us.

    But if you follow WW, your food priorities are probably different. I’m more of a low carbish person so go for the small portions, higher fat. That really brings the cost down (for me, the 22 y.o. boy doesn’t seem to get the concept of portion size.) ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Good job on the budget!! I’m starting back with the jars next week… but have been sticking to a grocery budget. We have quite a bit left still, but we go week to week with our budget. $200/week for 6 of us.


  5. PS – I’m linked up to my craft blog, my “other” blog is if you’d like to visit! ๐Ÿ™‚


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