November’s Report Card: A

Black is the new black. Meaning “in the black” rather than red when it comes to reporting in on my progress at the end of each month.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve finished the month on the north side of zero, by a smidge over $200. I can credit some good fortune rather than good fiscal management on my part. There were two big revenue boosts to my budget this month:

  • an unexpected HST cheque from the Government for $450
  • a refund for my previously paid Home Insurance after cancelling my policy with The Co-operators after a year of bad manners on their part. Credit $497.88

On the smaller, but still revenue boosting side, I sold my dead-as-a-doornail MacBook for $180 on Craigslist. Turns out there are people looking for these things for parts. I was hoping for $200, but I was still happy with $180. Thanks to the nice fella at the Apple store for tipping me off that it wasn’t totally junk.

I was thankful for the boost, since November had some big expenses, including:

  • over $1200 in medical expense, rather than the usual $400 budgeted (ouch)
  • $100 over budget in the public transit budget (young one went north to visit friends a couple of times, I took a cab twice)

In the big picture, I managed to put just over $1,200 toward the Line of Credit (about a hundred more than budgeted), and still managed to tuck away $250 each for both girls for post-secondary. I also put some extra money on my VISA card, prior to the due date, to help cushion the cashflow crunch in December. I know this is coming due to my big expenditures in the Apple Store in November.

My total consumer debt (line of credit, specifically) is now $3,561.90. Honestly, I can’t remember seeing that figure in my line of credit. Seems familiar that it was at $5,000 once, but then it just went up. Since I came into the year owing $13,579.29, I’m really proud to see that I’ve managed to sock a little more than $10K against this beast so far. I really am almost there.

When I look at my spreadsheet, I see I’ve spent a lot more money servicing my debt this year than I have buying groceries. It’s actually difficult for me to imagine the increased flexibility we’ll have once this beast is dead, dead, dead.

I can tell you right now that we’ll be seeing red again in December. The bill for the new Macbook is due, and the calendar shows three mortgage payments in December.  Add Christmas and you’ve got a crippling month. What’s totally cool about this is (a) I see it coming, and (b) I can deal with it, and more importantly (c) the year end finish will be something that I’m going to be really proud of .


4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh don’t you love the colour black!! And your line of credit is disappearing like smoke up a chimney! A few more months and it’s gone – congrats!! What a great day that will be – you’ll be on top of the world:)


  2. Way to go! You are doing great!


  3. […] Non-lazy people out there who are doing great with that envelope thing: Move to Portugal Middle Class Mom in Toronto […]


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