…and lead me not into temptation

My inbox has become an evil sorcerer. Every day I get close to a half a dozen invitations to “save” or to get in on a special “one day only” deal.

Is there more of this than I remember, or did I just accept it as part of living before?  For the past ten days or so, The Bay has sent me a deal of the day email. Usually they’re offering a great deal on something nice. The other day it was 75% off luggage.  Wow, that’s an awesome deal. Have you bought luggage lately? It’s not cheap. Instantly I started thinking of the holiday I wanted to take with the girls in 2011, and wouldn’t it be nice if they each had a nice rolling piece of carry-on luggage.  Then I quickly got my wits about me and realized that is a year away, and nobody needs luggage right now. Still, I pondered for a while.

There were a lot of people on the subway carrying new pieces of luggage that day. I wondered how much of it was on credit, and how much of it would be paid off in full when the invoice came. Then I wondered what it really cost to buy luggage at 75% off and not pay for it for a year or two at 29% interest. Ouch.

Yesterday a colleague told me his parents bought him a new Kitchen Aid mixer. Yep, that was a deal of the day from The Bay earlier in the week. I hope they got in on that great deal.

There are emails from Groupon and other bulk purchase adventures. So far, they haven’t been able to tempt me at all with their offers of car detailing and brazilian waxing and spa services. Seems they’re trying to reach a far different demographic than I’m in. Perhaps they figured it out since I hadn’t clicked on anything they’ve sent me, and have since passed along a brief questionnaire to ask my postal code, gender and age. Keep trying Groupon, but I’ve become pretty disciplined over this past year.

The marketer from Staples must also be on The Bay’s daily deals email list. They too have started sending these things along.  Thankfully, I can’t get that excited about new laptops and printers. I’ve just paid the bill for my new MacBook Pro today. I have no desire to add to my technology/home office expenditures for 2010.

You’re probably asking yourself “why doesn’t she just unsubscribe from these things?”.  Good question. The Groupon and some other bulk purchase thing (which I forget the name of) I will unsubscribe from. They haven’t really given me anything that remotely excites me. I’m not big on hanging out in the spa, and besides, I still have a generous gift certificate to use in 2011 for any indulgences in that regard. I don’t drive, so their offers to spruce up my car die fast. Most that I’ve seen are coupons for dining out.  Again, not really my thing.

The Bay, however, is a different story. I’ve been slowly collecting new dishes over the last year, and I’m always on the hunt for a sale on the pattern I have. They’ve just sent me a friends and family coupon to use over the weekend, so I may add a couple more side plates. I also need a few more stocking stuffers for the girls. Since I do have a legitimate home office, I do appreciate knowing if Staples is offering a killer deal on paper or toner or some such dull and mundane officey thing.

I now have enough resolve to ignore their pleas to get me into the store for something I don’t need. Is your inbox tempting you? Have you caved?  🙂


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  1. Nope – no caving so far. I was getting Groupon and Team Buy emails but have delegated them to spam so that I don’t see them anymore. Staples I don’t mind either as i shop there for school and also have a home office. But I have really cut back on my shopping there. I get a Reitman’s email once in a while and Canadian Tire and Jysk – I just delete them unless there is something I really need from one of those stores (not clothes as I am resolved not to buy any new clothes for a year – three months have gone by on that pledge and I’m still holding firm).


  2. Last year I unsubbed from all the travel sites – whew! Air Canada is relentless though.
    I don’t get the urge to buy from emails – except travel – and only when it’s cold. That led to a Caribbean cruise last February.
    Think of yourself as a nun looking at dating sites – just doesn’t apply! 🙂


  3. I get those all the time, and from quite a few blogs I subscribe to, also. Save this, buy this get that, etc… the “delete” key is my best friend. 😉 All this to say though, i’ve definitely caved before… lol! I’m not invincible! 😉


  4. Posted by seenonflickr on December 6, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    GroupOn has definitely made money on me with their tempting deals. Three restaurants, two salon/spas, and one store so far.


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