Must be December!

Friends, I apologize for my sporadic posts this month.  It doesn’t seem to matter how organized or together I think I am, when December arrives, it all goes out the window!

The story of the last couple weeks in Ontario is SNOW! Lots of it!

Here in Toronto, there really hasn’t been that much, but it doesn’t take too much to clog up the city streets either. Hugs to my friends in the London and Sarnia area who’ve been whallopped (if that’s a word), and also big hugs to my old friends and family in Barrie and up around Georgian Bay. I haven’t got my shovel out here yet, but that’s only because I haven’t had time.

I can’t even intelligently speak about my progress to date on the personal budget. There’s a pile of receipts forming again on my diningroom buffet, and one of these days I need to deal with it. It won’t be there much longer because I can’t stand Santa coming into a messy house. He needs room to put his presents around!

Despite the reincarnation of the receipt mountain, I can say that the grocery budget is under half spent even though it’s over half-way through the month. Again, just too busy to get out there. We’re not starving, don’t worry.

There are some interesting changes for the budget in 2011, and once I wrap my head around them, I’ll share them with you. It’s all good – nothing worrisome.

Hope you’re managing to stay healthy, stay within your holiday shopping budget, and enjoying the snow (if you’ve got some).


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  1. I’m in London, so we have a TONNE of snow… lol! Sounds like you’re doing great with your budget!! Mine is changing come 2011 and I have some goals in mind too.. just to get the wheels in motion!


  2. Posted by Momofthree on December 20, 2010 at 10:29 am

    We currently have about 4ft of snow in the low areas of our yard and our backyard is populated with snowmen, snowwomen and a few snow kids:)

    Have a great Christmas!


  3. I have to say I was surprised by the lack of snow in Toronto when my DD and I were there, though it made for easier walking than here in London. There were a few flakes on Sunday but it didn’t amount to anything. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, ate at Big Daddy’s (excellent) and laughed, sang, and clapped all the way through Rock of Ages. I’d love to see it again! The ROM tour was amazing and the shopping tiring – all in all a huge success!


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