January Report card: C+

The 2010 Tracy would have given January 2011 a failing grade. The 2011 Tracy is a little more relaxed, and certainly more forgiving.

This month, I’ve run a deficit of just over $1,400. I know, ouch. You’re probably wondering, why the heck wouldn’t you give yourself a failing grade? Good question!

Truthfully I do have a cash flow deficit of $1,400 this month, but I also have unpaid reimbursement of medical expenses of just over $1100 this month. So, if my little cash flow spreadsheet could reflect accounts receivable, I’d be a little less in the red than I am now. Perhaps that means February will be a banner month?

In addition, I underestimated the amount of tax deducted from my paycheque now that I’ve become an employee, rather than an independent contractor. I missed the mark by about $200. I’m not going to beat myself up for that. I estimated, and I came close, but not quite close enough.

Finally, there was this nasty thing that happened in the laundry room at the beginning of January.  As the laundry was draining, the laundry tub overflowed with the murky laundry water. I found myself with a cat litter bucket bailing water from the laundry tub to the downstairs bathroom. Yes, it was just that comical. I actually did this for a couple of weeks. Finally, I saw a commercial on TV for some whiz-bang drain unclogging miracle in a jar. Rushed right down to my local hardware store to fetch a bottle. Despite my attempts, I was still bailing laundry water with the cat litter bucket. Oh yes, there was cursing.

I had to cave and call the plumber.  Add $190 of unexpected expenditures to the list.

Between those three things, I know exactly where the gap is.

The 2011 Tracy knows that it’s not crucial, and that there’s a new month ahead. I’ve also seen what steady progress means to the bottom line, and I’m continuing to make steady progress.

With a better idea of my net income each month, I’m not certain when that line of credit will be retired, maybe March, maybe April. The only thing I am sure of – it will be retired.

Tomorrow is the first day of holidays for me. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a little more of each other!


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    1. So after a second look your situation isn’t so bad afterall – it’s all in the timing, at least with the reimbursements. Hope you have a calm and uneventful holiday!


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