New Eavestroughs in my future

I’ve known for some time that the eavestroughs on my house need a bit of TLC, if not ripping off and replacing. There’s also the issue of the varmit who lives above the master bedroom of the house. A wee black squirrel. I’ve seen him. He only comes out for water.

This week I managed to call a local contractor to give me a quote to replace the eaves on most of the house, as well as to add a downspout to the front (to reduce wear and tear on my two-year old roof) and a new downspout to my rainbarrel at the back of the house.

I was dreading this.

The contractor gave me an instant feel good vibe. He handed me his list of references before I had a chance to ask, complete with names, addresses, phone numbers and the type of job(s) he’s done for them. He’s also been in business for a bit more than 30 years. Nice track record.

As a single woman, I’m always worried that somebody like this will make me feel like a dufus or try and rake me over the fiscal coals. This guy did none of that. In fact, I told him I thought I needed new eaves and soffit and facia. He said I only needed new eaves, and perhaps a bigger repair job where Mr. Squirrel has created a doorway.

In my ongoing effort to simplify my life and be kinder to my psyche, I signed off on his quote. Nope, I didn’t get a second or a third quote. I had instant good feelings about this fellow.  I also opted to get the kind of eavestrough with the built in screen. There are 9 mature maple trees surrounding my back yard. Actually, there are absolutely none in my yard specifically, but don’t think for a minute that I escape the leaf downpour. I love being surrounded by trees, but that means more work in the fall. Strangely, I actually enjoy raking. I like the sound of the leaves rustling, I like the smell of the grass and the leaves, and I enjoy getting a bit of an upper body workout!

What I don’t enjoy is getting out an extension ladder and a green garbage bag and scraping the leaves out of my eavestrough. In fact, I’ve avoided it. Sometimes, an industrious fella may wander into the neighbourhood and offer to do it for $30, and I almost always accept. I haven’t seen that fella in a couple of years, however.

So, in a few weeks, I’ll have new eavestroughs, and be $1500 poorer. It’s not a very sexy place to put your money, but it’s necessary. I’m hopeful this fellow works out, I can see that we could have a great relationship over the years to come.


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  1. Finding “a guy” who can do those sorts of handyman jobs around the house whom you can TRUST is a major accomplishment! And a small fix now will save you big bucks down the road. Being a single parent was one of the reasons I chose to live in a condo as I don’t have to look after any of those outdoor types of jobs. Though I have gotten up on my ladder many times at my trailer to clean out the eavestrough but it isn’t very high off the ground so it doesn’t bother me. Small scale works best for me (I’m short!)


  2. Squirrels are dangerous to have in the house – they like to chew on wiring and happen to be a major cause of house fires.


  3. Posted by clayton mcfee on March 31, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    i hope you have around 300 feet,a fair price is 5 dollars a foot ,for footage you add your trough plus downpipe plus one foot per downpipe elbows, (45 angle),ps if you have a steel roof you should get steel eavestrough,yes there is a leaf guard out their that does work, i am sure with the number of years exp,he should do a good job, get a written guaranty.


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