March ended?

Apparently, just over a week ago, March ended. I haven’t even tallied up my March spending and revenue in order to weigh-in with a personal report card for March.

I’m hopeful that on the weekend I can take a bit of a pause and try and sort it all out.

Seems like a couple of months now that I’ve been having more and more difficulty keeping up with myself. While I’m not overly worried about the results for March, I can tell you that I’ve been spending money like it’s water lately.

Of course you know about the motorcycle. I got it on the road, by the way. It’s a bucket of fun and I can get from A to B in 15 minutes, rather than an hour. (You’d think with all that time saved I’d do my month end financial report card?)

I’ve also paid for my insurance and my motorcycle safety course. Two weeks ago I went to the Motorcycle show here in Toronto, and picked up a leather coat, chaps, gloves and a rain suit. The leather makes me feel like a Dominatrix. The rain suit makes me feel like a lost orphan. Either way, I’m suitably geared up for a season of riding.

Oh, the eavestrough was installed. The squirrel that was evicted in the process found a new way in (in under 12 hours) and it’s also been repaired – again.

The nice man who did the eavestrough has pointed out how the bricks on my house need serious repointing. I knew it needed it, but he’s shown me just how badly. His ballpark estimate is $1600 for repointing. Sounds like a bargain, actually, compared to the eavestrough.

He also pointed out that my front steps were crumbling. I’ve already arranged for that work to be done. I have no idea of the price tag for that job. I wake up to the sound of cha-ching in my head a lot lately.

I forgot that it was prom season. Yep, there’s a dress paid for and waiting to be picked up. It’s a far too much money dress, but it’s the right dress for my daughter.

With all that said, I’m sure by the end of April there will be a negative balance in my line of credit again. The only question will be, how much?

Not all of my spending has been necessary. Some has. No, I didn’t need a motorcycle. No, my daughter didn’t need that particular dress. Yep, the house needed new eavestrough, yes the squirrel needed to go. Of course the steps need replacing, and the bricks likely need repointing before the side of the house starts to really need attention. Next year the driveway probably needs to be dug up and replaced too. The house was built in 1923, it needs a bit of attention on the outside. Thankfully, the majority of the inside needs very little.

So, I’ll keep plugging along here. As I ponder the spending that’s already under the bridge, and the bills still to come, I’m particularly thankful that I spent 2010 narrowing in on my debt. It will mean that the debt that’s still to come will at least be manageable. I know that it doesn’t have to be forever.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Bummer on the money, especially since those big things like renovations or needed repairs always cost so much! Sometimes in those big spend times, I think it’s great that people even just stay stable – and if you consider that you’re paying down your house(s) etc., you probably are.
    I’m seeing a new vehicle coming in my future this year and the thought is already kind of freaking me out. Not to mention when I add up the reno costs and I figure I’ve gone under-budget even though I thought I put enough cushion in there.


  2. I’m imagining you in your leathers lol! Oh goodness, well at least people will be getting out of your way when they see you going…perhaps a small whip in case they don’t move quickly enough! Seriously though, good for you for getting out on your motorcycle already, the extra gear will keep you out there in all kinds of weather!


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