March’s Report Card: B+

If I were a teacher, I’d be fired for issuing such a late report card!

On the weekend, I finally had a chance to do the recap of the March madness version of personal finance, Tracy style. Despite it being an expensive month (a motorcycle appeared on my VISA bill), I managed to finish with my head temporarily above water.

Three things saved me in March:

  • I earned more in my part-time job than I had budgeted for,
  • I received first and last month’s rent for the rental from my new tenant, and
  • I temporarily availed myself of my financial parking lot that’s earmarked for my 2010 taxes.

April, however, is not going to be pretty, and I’ve promised you that for a couple of months now. At least with fiscal planning, you see it coming.

This week I’ll send in my 2010 taxes and my post-dated cheque for April 30th. I’ll know then just what the overall hit will be on my line-of-credit for my motorcycle adventures, little spend-a-thons, etc.

I’m actually expecting to earn less in my part-time work in April, as I’m taking a few days off for Motorcycle training. Less income, more expenditures. Still, no regrets over the motorcycle. I’ve had it on the road a few times now, and I love the freedom to get on it and go somewhere whenever it suits me. I also love that I must ride with a zero blood-alcohol level. Perhaps the desire to ride will keep me from the odd glass of wine here or there? That could save a few bucks (not to mention calories!).

My March report will be the last time in a while that I let you know the balance on my line of credit remains at $0. I should take a picture of it, while I still can  🙂



One response to this post.

  1. Oh it takes more for us to be fired than that lol!
    I would intensely dislike to see my line of credit go back up after it hit zero – you have quite the nerves of steel! I hope the overall total isn’t too bad.


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