About Middle Class Mom in Toronto

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I’m a 47 year old single mom, with two daughters at home, 18 and 23. They have plans for post-secondary in September 2012.

My money teacher was my Mom. She too was a single parent. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table balancing her cheque book, and reconciling her credit card slips to her statement. She worked three part-time jobs just to support our little family of two. We lived in subsidized housing. There was never any child support paid to my Mother. Those were the days when you could get away without paying up.  Thankfully, those days are over now.

Still, we had a nice life. I had no idea we were poor. Everybody in my circle lived the same way.

In my adult life, I’ve been a reasonable money manager, but not excellent. I have a great career, and a part-time job. I have the part-time gig because I like it, but the few extra dollars it brings in help balance the books.

My goals here are to track my journey as the household money manager, to retire my debt, and to build a safety net for me and my children. Most importantly, I want them to learn that just because you earn money, and even if you earn good money, doesn’t mean you can spend it on whatever tickles your fancy. We’re learning some new discipline, and we’re communicating about money, savings and setting goals. We’re learning that if you want it, you can have it – when you can pay for it. We’re learning that stuff isn’t all that important.

We’re the luckiest people in the world. We live in a great neighbourhood, in a cute house, with three kitties.

I welcome your tips, encouragement and even knuckle-wrapping when you think I need it.


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  1. Hey MCM in TO!

    It sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job. I hope you find, as I have over the years, that some measure of frugality can be rewarding. Hate to say this, but my dad was right – it builds character too. 🙂 You sound like you have that in spades.

    All the best wishes for you and your girls (and the fur-kids) on your money journey!



  2. Posted by David on November 16, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Hi Tracy,

    It sounds like you are doing a great job educating your two daughters about personal finance, and it sounds like you have a learned from your life’s path. I would love to learn more about you and your goals, so could you please e-mail me?

    All the best to you and your family!



  3. I don’t know if you got my last e-mail I sent out but, there is a book that you may want to read that is counterintuitive.

    Topics covered are eroding factors,four rules for Personal Financial Success, the Motion of Money. Problems with RRSPs and much more.

    The book is called LEAP by Robert Castiglione. (you can’t find this book in a book store).

    Let me know if you are interested, and I will ship you a copy.



    Ps. This book talks about real estate and some advantages that is not found in other investments


    • Hi Brian,

      I’m afraid I didn’t get your email, sorry. I just did a bit of an email clean out and I may have deleted it accidentally. If you shoot me another one, I can send you my mailing address. Sounds like an interesting read! Thanks.


  4. Here is my e-mail brian@rightinsurance.ca

    Let me know where is ship the book.

    web site http://www.rightinsurance.ca

    sorry I must have missed your reply.




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