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Starting to feel rested…

What an interesting vacation it has been.  Only yesterday I was starting to think that perhaps, just maybe, I felt a bit rested. I’ve certainly been a bit cranky. Not a side of me I particularly like. On Thursday I return to my full-time job.

As a follow-up to my last post, I can tell you that my eldest is dutifully taking her iron supplements, her manager at work reports he’s in constant contact with HR to get her a medical package, and I have a different strategy for her second cell phone. The youngest accidentally dropped her cell phone in a snow bank on the weekend, and it’s pretty much dead. Since we only have a few months to go on her contract, I’ll let that run it’s course and then switch her to the second cell phone. It’s a much cheaper plan anyway. This will leave me with only one more call to Rogers. The fewer the better.

Today I’m thinking about tax time. It’s been a while since I’ve used one of those DIY software kits, but I think I may use one for the 2010 tax year. Looks like it’ll be more economical than hiring somebody to do mine, and the girls returns. The one Staples sells (Turbo Tax) reports that it’ll do personal and business returns for $100. Do any of you have any experience with that program?

Last week was payday for my part-time gig, and I’m pleased to report it was about 300% bigger than usual. Have I mentioned that things have been pretty busy at Weight Watchers lately? It was a nice surprise. The next few pay cheques should be similar.

A bit more cash is a good thing because I spent a bunch of money last week – and I mean a bunch! I’m reserving that announcement for tomorrow or the next day, because I want to show you pictures too. While it may seem spur of the moment for some, those people who know me have said “thank GOODNESS you bought that – now we don’t have to listen to how badly you want one for another two years!”

So, today I plan on having another nap, starting a new novel and making something yummy for dinner. In general, I’m working on getting rid of the last bit of my crabbiness. I’m also going to think about how to tell you about my new purchase, and prepare myself for knuckle wrapping.

Until then…